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12/1/2009Famous athlet with GERD112/3/2009 9:20emibug
11/28/2009Starting solids, oatmeal412/2/2009 10:07njrover0216
11/28/2009Lactulose111/29/2009 12:32emibug
11/26/2009Baby unable to eat solids at 15 months411/30/2009 8:46momtomaia2005
11/26/2009I hope all your little turkeys ate like little piggies today!! Happy Thanksgiving!0
11/26/2009Bile reflux in 8 year old0
11/24/2009Zack update612/1/2009 3:42vigilantmom
11/24/2009No Dairy No Soya products in sunnyvale area california?111/25/2009 9:17the reflux mom
11/23/2009Baby eats only while falling asleep, please advice!411/25/2009 9:07the reflux mom
11/22/2009What does Prevacid going OTC mean for insurance coverage?511/29/2009 9:01vigilantmom
11/21/2009When did your child's reflux get better?611/24/2009 1:14zack'smom
11/21/2009?'s about fundo1311/23/2009 8:53johnniesnewmommy
11/20/2009Toddler with anemia and acid reflux211/21/2009 9:46sickofsickness
11/19/2009new member.. suggestions to get out so don't lose my mind411/21/2009 9:43sadie'smom
11/19/2009Carafate and prevacid timing211/22/2009 5:25fiddle1
11/18/2009could it be something other than reflux? what am i missing?1411/24/2009 9:55vigilantmom
11/17/2009Melissa AKA Happy2bjustmommy111/18/2009 11:37happy2bjustmommy
11/17/2009AHHHH Dr.s1411/19/2009 12:52fiddle1
11/16/2009Probiotics811/22/2009 11:27momtomaia2005
11/15/2009The OTC meds511/17/2009 10:29jgbennett
11/15/2009Just when I thought it was over....back on prevacid again811/19/2009 7:25mely
11/14/2009Diarrhea511/14/2009 9:19mommy2k
11/13/2009rice cereal511/16/2009 9:39jillianv
11/12/2009Mylanta dosage211/12/2009 11:23jeddsmommy
11/12/2009Breastfeeding Elim Diet, Bronchitis, Worse at 10 months!311/12/2009 6:58fiddle1
11/11/20095 month old, reflux flaring811/12/2009 10:42vigilantmom
11/11/2009nexium and mylanta311/12/2009 10:39vigilantmom
11/11/2009jeddsmommy111/11/2009 9:08jeddsmommy
11/10/2009Silent Refluxer....I am new to this site411/11/2009 1:05vigilantmom
11/9/2009How Long?311/10/2009 9:36vigilantmom
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