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4/18/2012Prevacid Shortage - Need BB Instructions for Mixing with Prilosec!!24/23/2012 3:01dcd
4/16/2012 Neocate Hypoallergenic formula with DHA and ARA For Sale0
4/3/20128 year old Daughter 24/3/2012 5:39shanonz
4/2/2012a little lost.... 14/9/2012 2:37lorenzomama
3/30/2012Looking for more answers from you ladies66/13/2012 1:13mommyof6
3/17/2012Could a pharmacist really mess up a compound?13/17/2012 12:24discmixer
3/16/2012RES-Q Wedge for Infants with reflux13/18/2012 3:55beth anderson
3/12/2012Stopped prevacid and restarted - how long will it take to be effective again?0
3/11/2012Please help - could use feedback on possible allergies.56/25/2012 8:40seb's mom
3/7/2012Switched from Prevacid to Prilosec-how long will it take to work?0
3/2/2012working!!!13/12/2012 1:37lorenzomama
3/2/2012Help...should we change meds?23/16/2012 1:26mangogal
3/1/2012Baby refuses to feed after half feeding..29/9/2012 9:32susudahora
2/21/2012baby not eating enough and only sleeping while being held63/1/2012 9:44helendema
2/20/2012First day, 6 month old with reflux :(39/9/2012 9:21susudahora
2/13/2012Buffer babies, CC Max, etc. being made by another company32/21/2012 5:19ahaggard
2/8/2012Endoscopy & pH probe done72/18/2012 1:00mangogal
1/28/2012jedds mommy41/31/2012 9:43jeddsmommy
1/23/2012Gaviscon, is there beter OTC products available?0
1/21/2012lactolase? and claritin dosage question11/24/2012 9:04jeddsmommy
1/21/2012Nationwide Children's Hospital11/24/2012 9:08jeddsmommy
1/19/2012New to Forum21/23/2012 3:44mumof3boys34
1/19/2012New to forum...silent refluxing 3 month old BF and constipated23/2/2012 9:20ljoy_22
1/19/2012New to forum...silent refluxing 3 month old BF and constipated31/20/2012 11:55lorenzomama
1/18/2012Does my 9 week old need meds??72/3/2012 1:07lorenzomama
1/17/2012Archived Marci-kids info21/18/2012 9:37dcd
1/15/2012New article - check the KIDS section of the site!!11/25/2012 1:06lorenzomama
1/11/2012Recently my 7 month old won't sleep51/13/2012 3:21shideh89
1/8/2012FREE bone Marrow Registration in January0
1/6/2012Need help with sleep!!!!56/13/2012 1:45mommyof6
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