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10/20/2010Formula Switching and Bottles910/31/2010 12:14kenneyhl
10/19/2010Temporarily Increasing PPI w/Teething, etc.210/20/2010 8:34adelines mom
10/19/2010Need Help!! New to Site! 9 week old with severe reflux910/20/2010 9:44meredithy
10/19/2010Running out of ideas!!!810/23/2010 4:25jgsbennett
10/17/2010Cincinatti Children's210/18/2010 8:28blueleopard
10/16/2010Large Amounts of Strong Smelling Urine410/19/2010 3:34mrsdtek
10/15/2010Child Gainng weigth with GERD810/24/2010 1:17kenneyhl
10/14/2010Dearborn, MI....Willing to Drive!!!210/19/2010 3:17mrsdtek
10/14/2010What should a Dr. be doing for a reflux infant?510/19/2010 3:42mrsdtek
10/14/2010caracream410/18/2010 7:36adelines mom
10/13/2010breastfeeding question210/14/2010 1:09loulou
10/13/2010GI appt..110/13/2010 5:47lorenzomama
10/12/2010New to the site310/18/2010 9:45dcd
10/12/2010Lost...Ear Infection Stuff or Go Ahead with Testing?610/18/2010 5:25vigilantmom
10/11/2010Silent reflux?410/21/2010 12:42jillsey15
10/11/2010New to the forum, issue with bf.310/12/2010 4:51lorenzomama
10/11/2010Greenville, SC 0
10/10/2010I've got a new refluxer... =(410/11/2010 2:35jillsey15
10/8/2010feeding and daycare510/11/2010 4:55zack'smom
10/7/2010reflux, food allergies, and teething210/9/2010 10:19jalizzy
10/6/2010Suspect Reflux210/8/2010 11:54lorenzomama
10/5/2010Vital Jr0
10/5/2010Positioning product hazards?1010/19/2010 9:05meredithy
10/4/2010New Here1210/11/2010 10:50vigilantmom
10/3/2010What to do next?1410/12/2010 11:39tnqangel
10/2/2010gjsbennett110/5/2010 4:54jgsbennett
10/1/2010Cheap Alimentum Ready to Feed, yay!110/3/2010 1:47kenneyhl
10/1/20103 months in.... still no real sucess710/3/2010 9:27vigilantmom
9/30/2010Blueleopard (and others) - Neocate Coverage310/7/2010 7:53kenneyhl
9/28/2010Need Support I am struggling with 10 week old with GERD510/6/2010 11:20tiasmama
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