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1/26/2011prevacid 24hr21/26/2011 10:18vigilantmom
1/26/2011IV infusion for 11 week old 121/27/2011 5:12jeddsmommy
1/25/2011Issues with avacado??31/26/2011 10:52blueleopard
1/24/201111 months old, won't eat...please help61/25/2011 6:25vigilantmom
1/22/2011Prevacid OTC - how to?131/27/2011 10:08vigilantmom
1/21/2011peptamem jr11/21/2011 8:24jeddsmommy
1/20/2011eosinophilic esophagitis can cause dysphagia61/23/2011 5:25kru
1/18/2011Janet71/24/2011 11:54vigilantmom
1/18/2011formula recommendations??82/7/2011 10:08dcd
1/18/2011burping troubles31/18/2011 9:44vigilantmom
1/14/2011Cranio Sacral Therapy - Lorenzomama???11/17/2011 11:43lorenzomama
1/14/2011New diagnosis: dysphagia - need help...31/23/2011 5:16kru
1/13/2011looking for input: is this as good as it gets?42/3/2011 10:10joy
1/13/2011Zantac better than PPI's? PPI's caused stomach pain82/3/2011 2:16hiphop
1/11/2011momof2girls11/13/2011 11:25momof2girls
1/6/2011NG tube to G tube61/8/2011 1:54jeddsmommy
1/5/2011Dr. Phillips dosing recommendations for PPI meds??11/5/2011 10:42vigilantmom
1/4/2011Is Zegerid same as PPI+caracream??51/5/2011 6:15momof2girls
1/4/2011feeding specialist near tampa florida111/9/2011 7:08kcookpt
1/4/2011side effects of prevacid solutabs??62/3/2011 6:22hiphop
1/4/2011New here51/6/2011 11:081sttimemom
1/1/2011food ideas for multiple food allergies?31/3/2011 4:37vigilantmom
12/30/2010HELP PLEASE121/3/2011 11:55nataliebel
12/28/2010anyone know ped. in nashville area?????11/4/2011 2:451sttimemom
12/26/2010New Here Bad Prevacid Reaction Too512/28/2010 8:44steviesmom
12/24/2010Bad reaction to Prevacid?512/28/2010 3:54jillianml
12/24/20102 year molar update, Lorenzomama, DCD112/25/2010 1:11lorenzomama
12/22/2010Happy Holidays112/25/2010 1:12lorenzomama
12/20/2010looking 4 input712/21/2010 1:12patesmom
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