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2/17/2011the aluminum free Mylanta is off the market - now what?56/9/2011 9:41mctwins
2/17/2011Any Breastfeeding moms with heavy spitters?42/28/2011 5:41shelefisher
2/16/2011sleep positioners22/17/2011 10:32dcd
2/16/2011Switching from alimentum to Neocate23/2/2011 10:28debbieb
2/15/2011PPI + Zantac dosing question22/15/2011 3:33shelefisher
2/14/2011upper GI scheduled for 4-month-old~ advice?22/20/2011 1:44jeddsmommy
2/13/2011Non-acid reflux or bile reflux anyone baclofen???12/18/2011 10:57lorenzomama
2/11/2011Reglan Question - Infants52/15/2011 4:19tammywoodard
2/11/2011DGE?22/11/2011 6:03shelefisher
2/10/2011better poop?!22/11/2011 7:12jeddsmommy
2/10/2011upper GI: to go or not to go? advice needed!!!42/14/2011 8:33debbieb
2/9/2011Help week 3 of Elecare32/10/2011 10:00vigilantmom
2/9/2011Hard time feeding 15 month old Baby22/10/2011 4:04vigilantmom
2/6/20118yr old Reflux back after 9 months???42/7/2011 11:07vigilantmom
2/5/2011is something wrong with my milk?32/11/2011 1:25shelefisher
2/4/2011BufferBabies Question43/1/2011 1:55momofboys3
2/4/2011?s on 3 month old refluxer22/4/2011 3:59mangogal
2/4/2011Solutab admin...partial dose62/7/2011 12:33zack'smom
2/4/2011How do you change your profile?22/7/2011 9:02shelefisher
2/4/2011New here and a question22/4/2011 3:37vigilantmom
2/3/2011Gas with CaraCream-Z/Zegerid?12/4/2011 3:20vigilantmom
2/1/2011Z's scope32/1/2011 8:32vigilantmom
1/31/2011Can reflux come back with Cold/Cough52/14/2011 12:07rownen
1/31/2011tucker sling/ar pillow/pedicraft reflux wedge?62/3/2011 12:31dcd
1/28/2011Mamma Knows Best32/3/2011 12:32dcd
1/28/2011Buffer Babies & Stomach Bug 51/28/2011 11:26vigilantmom
1/28/2011vigilantmom 11/28/2011 8:39vigilantmom
1/27/2011before we see a specialist??122/4/2011 10:11shelefisher
1/27/2011fb page for reflux kids or resources? 0
1/27/2011Zegrid11/27/2011 2:20vigilantmom
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