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8/9/2008newbie... dr update68/10/2008 2:34slimfast13
8/9/2008Ugh138/9/2008 7:47maggiemom
8/9/2008What the Chiro has done for Cooper48/9/2008 5:24katiesmommy
8/9/2008Should he be scoped?58/9/2008 10:03mom2coy
8/8/2008Cooper update48/9/2008 10:00mom2coy
8/8/2008Update from Mommyto288/9/2008 9:59mom2coy
8/8/2008Low tone and front-facing carseats?88/9/2008 7:02jenrackley
8/8/2008I'm a bad mom:P48/9/2008 4:45elysabethsmom
8/8/2008I really discouraged 48/9/2008 4:37jessicalynn
8/8/2008Update on Isaiah68/9/2008 9:37maggiemom
8/8/2008Why did I want him to talk?78/9/2008 9:35maggiemom
8/8/2008Mommy2two - what's up0
8/8/2008Katie's GI appt.108/9/2008 5:06katiesmommy
8/8/2008splitting Prevacid dosage98/9/2008 4:12jessicalynn
8/8/2008What Physical Therapy Said :) 98/8/2008 11:35mollybeth
8/8/2008Staying on Prevacid over a year of age...118/9/2008 3:46jessicalynn
8/8/2008Cinnamon and reflux?88/8/2008 4:57elysabethsmom
8/8/2008Coping88/8/2008 11:39mollybeth
8/8/2008new here178/8/2008 11:43mollybeth
8/8/2008Way OT...fun night!38/9/2008 11:47maggiemom
8/8/2008Poor kid...48/8/2008 9:00mdbarbagallo
8/8/2008Jessica-Jedd's mommy18/8/2008 7:32jedd'smommy
8/7/2008the prevacid effect18/8/2008 1:15katiesmommy
8/7/2008Sebastians Mom and Mom2Coy88/8/2008 1:54mom2coy
8/7/2008D48/8/2008 11:11maggiemom
8/7/2008**NEWS FLASH--IMPORTANT UPDATE--BREAKING NEWS**98/8/2008 11:09maggiemom
8/7/2008need advice please138/8/2008 1:51mom2coy
8/7/2008considence or is something up? 58/7/2008 9:39maggiemom
8/7/2008Pharmacist said Caracreme (no idea how to spell that...sorry!) is being discontinued!28/7/2008 10:42emibug
8/7/2008Gas Generator Reminder38/7/2008 10:49maggiemom
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