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5/11/2013Still here97/4/2013 10:26lorenzomama
3/4/20136 month boy with reflux 33/13/2013 9:59aug2012
3/2/2013How long before prevacid starts working13/6/2013 1:15lorenzomama
3/1/2013Tough times! Depression and Reflux23/6/2013 1:13lorenzomama
2/7/2013Transitioning from a wedge/sling to sleeping flat22/17/2013 5:10k2s
1/22/2013To Lorenzomama and other volunteers - tku11/25/2013 1:04lorenzomama
12/20/2012sleep positioners312/20/2012 5:56shandel24
12/20/2012trembles112/25/2012 12:09lorenzomama
12/13/2012Should I do a G tube312/21/2012 1:472boysmom
11/26/2012one and a half month old with GER111/29/2012 12:12lorenzomama
11/23/20123.5 month old twins - will not eat - difficulties with Prevacid111/26/2012 12:29lorenzomama
11/1/2012Back again with 3rd child born 10/20511/12/2012 1:24lorenzomama
10/28/2012Storm prep and PAGER110/29/2012 11:08lorenzomama
10/24/2012Res-q Wedge and sling, how to get one for an affordable price please311/2/2012 1:31tiasmama
10/21/2012Does anyone need tucker wedges/slings?311/1/2012 3:08tiasmama
10/14/2012Toddler Screams for Hours211/1/2012 3:16tiasmama
9/9/20126mth old refuses to take Elecare49/26/2012 4:39susudahora
9/2/2012Surviving ongoing reflux!!!311/22/2012 10:09tiatrack
8/3/20123 week old baby admitted in hospital... Please read and reply18/10/2012 5:45lorenzomama
7/16/2012back here again after 4 years, please help!57/31/2012 12:01bonnie09
7/16/2012long term prevacid use17/19/2012 5:40bonnie09
7/13/2012Medicine for reflux57/25/2012 4:38natalia
7/11/2012Comfy Lift bed0
6/25/2012Elecare39/23/2012 9:56seb's mom
6/13/2012Doctor Referral Brooklyn NY0
5/22/2012just discharged from hospital35/28/2012 1:58lorenzomama
5/21/2012GERDs?16/4/2012 6:08lorenzomama
5/14/2012Hospital or Home?15/16/2012 12:51lorenzomama
5/8/2012Free Alimentum and Neocate Jr. 0
4/25/2012Periactin for appetite15/2/2012 2:42kingoftheworld
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