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3/14/2011Hoarse Voice - vilgilant mom53/18/2011 1:05rownen
3/14/2011Question for moms who have/have had toddlers with reflux...33/15/2011 1:29zack'smom
3/13/2011Turned out to be STILL reflux-not allergies(Karen)43/20/2011 5:13debbieb
3/13/2011OTC same as prescription-good for kids also23/18/2011 10:19debbieb
3/11/2011Caracream Question53/12/2011 3:38ljoy_22
3/10/2011prevacid solutab vs 24OTC53/22/2011 10:41seaturtle76
3/9/2011GI appt..not sure what to think43/18/2011 10:10mangogal
3/9/2011swallowed Prevacid...13/10/2011 2:13zack'smom
3/8/2011HELP! PPI friendly ped in Chicago (Oak Park) area?23/13/2011 10:13debbieb
3/7/2011Starting Neocate0
3/6/2011docs at Marci kids33/7/2011 9:17vigilantmom
3/6/2011how long is zantac good for?33/7/2011 10:43ljoy_22
3/5/2011Doctor wants to stop meds - help!83/9/2011 12:27joy
3/5/2011Zantac and prevacid questions83/7/2011 8:48jeddsmommy
3/5/2011Janet/Zach43/8/2011 12:00zack'smom
3/4/2011Nutramigen vs Neocate33/7/2011 8:46jeddsmommy
3/3/2011new update33/5/2011 5:39vigilantmom
3/3/2011VigilantMom - Buffer Babies Question 13/4/2011 4:01vigilantmom
3/2/2011more Prevacid questions83/6/2011 5:49vigilantmom
3/2/2011Nutrimagen formula to give0
3/2/2011Sorry for my absense0
2/28/2011starting prevacid today63/10/2011 2:28abbysmom5mo
2/26/2011contact info for Marci-kids??33/4/2011 4:07vigilantmom
2/26/2011where to go from here....63/5/2011 8:29blueleopard
2/26/2011prevacid mixing questions43/2/2011 5:43jgsbennett
2/26/2011Reflux Mom's Guide to Feeding Clinics23/2/2011 5:37jgsbennett
2/25/20112 Year old with reflux? I am at my wits end!53/2/2011 9:46blueleopard
2/24/2011upcoming endoscopy32/26/2011 9:47jeddsmommy
2/21/2011MARCI-Kids Site is Back Up!!!0
2/21/2011switching from prevacid solutabs to prilosec suspension43/24/2011 8:47johnisaacmom
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