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9/3/2008Should I cancel the feeding clinic appt?129/4/2008 10:54michelle&aurora
9/3/2008TAKIN' THE DAY OFF! 59/3/2008 6:26mdbarbagallo
9/2/2008Blood in Meggy's stools/Rant and rave109/4/2008 12:23elysabethsmom
9/2/2008EI Services79/3/2008 8:29mom2coy
9/2/2008MY BARK IS WORSE THAN MY BITE ;(59/3/2008 6:59maggiemom
9/2/2008Ot- Uh can this really happen this young?49/3/2008 8:28mom2coy
9/2/2008Formula Switch79/3/2008 8:26mom2coy
9/2/2008Mystery Shopping89/3/2008 2:51rissaroo
9/2/2008sour breath89/3/2008 1:54katiesmommy
9/2/2008Melissa (who Sebastian calls Mommy)...79/4/2008 10:55mdbarbagallo
9/2/2008about me... OT129/3/2008 12:22elysabethsmom
9/2/2008Melissa, do you still have a job?49/2/2008 7:54michelle&aurora
9/2/2008Went to Pedi today89/3/2008 8:23mom2coy
9/2/2008Back from the doctor69/2/2008 7:56mom2coy
9/2/2008Aubrey and Brandon started school99/2/2008 11:55elysabethsmom
9/2/2008mom2coy59/2/2008 7:55mdbarbagallo
9/2/200816 months today/Positive update59/2/2008 6:23mom2halleyann
9/2/2008Update on Us!79/2/2008 7:21bellamomma2
9/2/2008arching while refluxing159/3/2008 12:03elysabethsmom
9/2/2008Teething or Reflux?89/2/2008 6:26mom2halleyann
9/2/2008CAR SICK99/2/2008 7:13maiam
9/2/2008And Now We Have A RASH!!! uggg99/2/2008 2:42mom2halleyann
9/2/2008Bassinet RECALL19/2/2008 9:27stickybean
9/2/2008this is just crazy-my ot rant59/2/2008 2:06mdbarbagallo
9/2/2008Update on Michael and us...39/2/2008 9:21mom2halleyann
9/1/2008Question about ear tube surgery Thursday69/2/2008 1:53mdbarbagallo
9/1/2008Never say never?79/2/2008 9:49rissaroo
9/1/2008raise your hand...69/2/2008 11:58sadie
9/1/2008Liz-Are you out there69/2/2008 6:59amber f
9/1/2008I'm Home ladies39/2/2008 12:51slimfast13
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