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9/15/2008Is it silent reflux?89/17/2008 12:48seamus mama
9/15/2008Just an idea59/15/2008 10:51engin117
9/15/2008Rory Update129/15/2008 10:29jedd'smommy
9/15/2008OT - Two Yr Molars79/16/2008 7:36maggiemom
9/15/2008Vomit-free streak OVER!59/15/2008 5:34mom2coy
9/15/2008question about *not pooping* -OT69/16/2008 7:44michelle&aurora
9/15/2008Going to the doc today79/15/2008 5:02mommyto2
9/15/2008I give up!!!!!89/15/2008 7:58nicholas'smom
9/15/2008Julian has a fever...should I still give meds?59/15/2008 12:06maggiemom
9/14/2008Back to Work-Keep Fingers Crossed49/15/2008 10:42elysabethsmom
9/14/2008back on prevacid49/15/2008 10:39elysabethsmom
9/14/2008to baby quinn mum29/16/2008 11:21baby quinn's mommy
9/14/2008RAST test results (peanut)79/15/2008 6:37popz4120
9/14/2008How are you Texans doing?39/14/2008 7:04mom2halleyann
9/14/2008Ike in Indiana -- OT79/14/2008 6:27maggiemom
9/14/2008Spasms again69/15/2008 5:26engin117
9/13/2008Cooper update: Great appt!!!99/14/2008 6:31elysabethsmom
9/13/2008testing logic- in circles89/14/2008 6:42emibug
9/13/2008Took Rory to ER tonight169/15/2008 9:28mom2coy
9/13/2008Emi update69/15/2008 12:10kmom
9/13/2008Aubrey Update69/15/2008 9:44michelle&aurora
9/13/2008Dr. Update from Mommyto2119/15/2008 12:02kmom
9/13/2008Any one hear from Kat (Emi in hosp?)29/13/2008 10:28engin117
9/13/2008My in-laws made it through Ike :-)119/13/2008 10:27engin117
9/13/2008Michelle, how is Rory?79/15/2008 9:23mom2coy
9/13/2008Prevacid/constipation /sleep99/15/2008 7:26izmom
9/13/2008Observations re: infant/child weights/heights/ages89/13/2008 7:02mdbarbagallo
9/13/2008OT-One year Photos119/14/2008 8:24mom2coy
9/13/2008OT-just wondering about suggestions49/13/2008 10:00emibug
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