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10/2/2008I'm BAAAACCCCKKK!410/2/2008 11:35katiesmommy
10/2/2008Sitting up all by herself!1310/3/2008 5:15mom2coy
10/2/2008A funny610/2/2008 11:46elysabethsmom
10/2/2008Nolan's first year~ surviving the reflux rollercoaster1410/2/2008 8:23daniejo
10/2/2008And The Answer Is....Reflux?910/3/2008 12:14sevensmum
10/2/2008coysmom910/2/2008 7:42mommyto2
10/1/2008I hate reflux.610/2/2008 11:35mdbarbagallo
10/1/2008OT - warning...rx insurance vent ahead410/2/2008 7:23kubicki5
10/1/2008ER trip last night710/2/2008 7:53amber f
10/1/2008Prevacid to prilosec helps sleep?510/2/2008 3:29bib3mama
10/1/2008Happy Birthday Zack1010/1/2008 10:41elysabethsmom
10/1/2008dentist- kinda ot (mommyto2?)510/1/2008 9:04emibug
10/1/2008reflux flare?210/1/2008 10:36elysabethsmom
10/1/2008I guess count us in too....710/2/2008 1:13bigdaddy
10/1/2008med wean ?710/2/2008 9:05amber f
10/1/2008high price of prevacid1410/2/2008 2:41adelaidesmom
10/1/2008joslyn's weigh in1210/1/2008 6:18katiesmommy
10/1/2008I'm online~ but not for long~weekly updates please710/1/2008 10:21b-girl
10/1/2008WHAT is going ON?910/1/2008 6:26katiesmommy
10/1/2008one more weird thing- ot410/1/2008 9:31emibug
10/1/2008GI change410/1/2008 6:28katiesmommy
9/30/2008Who would have thought (LOOOONG)1210/1/2008 6:28katiesmommy
9/30/2008Perspective510/1/2008 12:15maggiemom
9/30/200824 hr EEG and MRI410/1/2008 12:06mdbarbagallo
9/30/2008Medical Records710/1/2008 1:24engin117
9/30/2008Emibug-RE: Aspergers510/1/2008 12:23emibug
9/30/2008development questions69/30/2008 10:00nicholasmom
9/30/2008bile reflux and gastritis19/30/2008 1:21jessicalynn
9/30/2008little vent & update on Adriane 1110/1/2008 12:56emibug
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