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5/25/2011Questions to ask specialist45/26/2011 6:04beth anderson
5/25/2011Questions to ask specialist0
5/22/20114 month peak95/25/2011 10:56vigilantmom
5/22/2011WWYD solids, pain ?195/27/2011 11:46mangogal
5/21/2011FDA warning on Simply Thick0
5/20/2011FREE AR Pillow0
5/19/2011Tons and tons of spit up85/24/2011 10:26vigilantmom
5/19/20114 month old not cooing or babbling55/22/2011 8:48mel329
5/18/2011One year old, losing weight, won't eat58/12/2011 2:09kru
5/17/2011How Can I Differentiate Between Reflux and Food Allergies1010/16/2011 5:58shamroc1
5/17/2011Reflux worse with solids?75/22/2011 8:05mangogal
5/17/2011Generic Prevacid gone?35/20/2011 11:50shelefisher
5/17/2011Feeding Pump bags????55/20/2011 10:50jeddsmommy
5/13/2011Newbie, questions, desperate, does anyone have any BB/CC in Austin area?45/15/2011 10:45vigilantmom
5/12/2011Prevacid side effects135/13/2011 12:00ndianis
5/7/2011Possible Reflux?15/10/2011 2:56vigilantmom
5/4/2011Watch the new video on the home page0
5/3/2011has anyone had prevacid stop working?25/4/2011 11:04vigilantmom
4/29/2011Tucker Wedge/Sling?55/13/2011 2:53tammywoodard
4/27/2011Anyone have extra Vanilla Elecare to sell?35/3/2011 9:08dcd
4/22/2011new with gerd34/25/2011 4:10dcd
4/21/2011Going off of Simply Thick/Thickeners24/22/2011 4:38jeddsmommy
4/18/2011Cherry Supreme Mylanta - Aluminum?64/20/2011 5:55dcd
4/18/2011Thick It34/29/2011 9:49fostermama
4/15/2011Prevacid Solutabs45/17/2011 10:22shelefisher
4/15/2011New to group (introduction and a few questions)34/27/2011 1:58lorenzomama
4/15/2011Endoscopy & pH for a 4yr old?44/18/2011 4:16melissa m.
4/14/2011Breastfeeding and burping34/28/2011 2:47hopefulmom
4/14/2011Biogaia24/28/2011 2:51hopefulmom
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