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7/7/2011gastroenterologist at cincinnati childrens or columbus17/8/2011 3:26jeddsmommy
7/7/2011Can anyone recommend a pediatric gastroenterologist at cincinnati childrens, or possibly Columbus0
7/1/2011Do you use patient apps?0
6/30/2011Jessica (Jedd's mom) PEG to button46/30/2011 7:57jeddsmommy
6/29/2011Screaming 18+ hours/day...normal? Or not?36/29/2011 10:53shelefisher
6/28/2011Nexium Granules and Pepcid HELP!76/29/2011 10:48vigilantmom
6/28/2011prevacid wean77/8/2011 12:35vigilantmom
6/27/2011back on reglan need some help16/29/2011 7:25jeddsmommy
6/26/2011What's next if neocate doesnt help...37/14/2011 11:59dione
6/26/2011Please help!107/7/2011 5:12vigilantmom
6/23/2011could it be dge46/24/2011 7:09bellysmom
6/22/2011New here, need some help with DD's symptoms46/24/2011 9:28shasmom
6/22/2011PAGER needs 10 recommendations16/29/2011 10:58shelefisher
6/20/2011anyone on erythromycin equivalent for DGE46/21/2011 10:22vigilantmom
6/19/20115 Week Old on Prevacid, Miserable!66/21/2011 2:51littlesprout2011
6/18/20112?'s please36/19/2011 9:46jeddsmommy
6/15/2011anyone seeing a doc in indianapolis, IN who actually follows marci kids recommendations76/21/2011 10:32vigilantmom
6/15/2011Update on "PH Probe and Redo Endoscopy"46/17/2011 10:10helen lai
6/15/2011Please help16/16/2011 11:26vigilantmom
6/14/2011reflux.org needs you to "recommend" us26/15/2011 1:42lorenzomama
6/10/20112 MO OLD IN PAIN:(27/15/2011 3:17dione
6/9/2011Zegerid ?26/9/2011 11:43mangogal
6/9/2011Help Is ther an end46/12/2011 4:55lisaredfox
6/9/20112 totally different opinions...please help!46/9/2011 10:42vigilantmom
6/8/2011Unsure if my son is suffering from GERD46/9/2011 10:48vigilantmom
6/5/2011looking for opinions on 8 month old36/9/2011 6:42jeddsmommy
6/4/2011PH Probe and Redo Endoscopy46/8/2011 2:08lorenzomama
6/4/2011What to do now?66/8/2011 11:17mangogal
6/2/2011Took Soren to a pediatric chiropractor106/29/2011 10:52shelefisher
6/1/2011which one-zegrid or nexium46/3/2011 8:34bellysmom
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