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8/14/2011Zegerid - Wait time?28/14/2011 11:29vigilantmom
8/12/2011Prevacid & Gas? Thrashing in Sleep18/12/2011 11:46vigilantmom
8/12/2011Periactin dosing18/13/2011 12:58jeddsmommy
8/12/2011New Here - Questions!48/12/2011 4:43delby712
8/11/2011eosiniphil esoshagitis18/13/2011 12:55jeddsmommy
8/10/2011The Hated Car Seat18/10/2011 4:05vigilantmom
8/6/2011car seats38/10/2011 4:06vigilantmom
8/1/2011Sandifers Syndrome..9 wk old in pain 68/4/2011 9:11jeddsmommy
7/31/2011More puke ?'s18/1/2011 9:09jeddsmommy
7/28/2011Back with a new med17/28/2011 10:49justbreathe11
7/27/2011Many questions, please help37/27/2011 5:39vigilantmom
7/25/2011Playtime for infants with GERD28/1/2011 9:11jeddsmommy
7/24/2011in need of some advice and support re GERD37/25/2011 4:51vigilantmom
7/23/20117 week old - reflux interrupts sleep67/24/2011 7:43jeddsmommy
7/19/2011Stopping or not??67/24/2011 7:45jeddsmommy
7/18/2011reglan side effects17/19/2011 9:09jeddsmommy
7/17/2011Update on my DD (zegerid)0
7/17/2011Weaning prevacid & 4 yr old..help!47/18/2011 12:32bellysmom
7/16/2011reflux worse at different times of day??37/18/2011 12:25bellysmom
7/16/2011Twins with Reflux on Neocate with Projectile Vomit27/18/2011 12:33bellysmom
7/15/2011Cow's Milk Protein allergy formula NEOCATE for free37/15/2011 9:50jeddsmommy
7/14/2011Picture badge with PAGER logo0
7/14/2011Missed Dose, Please help quick!!27/14/2011 1:34beth anderson
7/13/2011Need help locating Pepcid AC EZ Chews. 27/22/2011 9:47lisaredfox
7/13/2011Salmonella17/13/2011 9:57vigilantmom
7/12/2011ear problems and solids57/14/2011 10:27dcd
7/12/2011Prevacid and sleep issues59/9/2011 3:35ljoy_22
7/11/2011Moving Backwards37/11/2011 8:27diana
7/10/2011Pee ?37/15/2011 4:58lisaredfox
7/8/2011NEED HELP weight gain w/ elecare and reflux57/11/2011 1:40diana
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