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2/15/2009Any older kids on Nexium? Mine is 982/17/2009 11:36maiam
2/15/2009Nexium on empty stomach or not?22/15/2009 3:27debbieb
2/15/20097 days enough for Prevacid to work for 9yr old32/15/2009 9:28jeddsmommy
2/14/2009Is it possible Prevacid worked first day?42/15/2009 8:45ttrumbo
2/13/2009Sleep training and reflux?72/15/2009 8:36mom2halleyann
2/13/2009Nutramigen52/15/2009 11:57ccmom
2/13/2009slimfast13 - advice on pre/probiotics62/14/2009 4:34slimfast13
2/13/2009Really need to wait 1hr before meal with Nexium?22/13/2009 9:48jessicalynn
2/13/2009New - Silent Reflux - Prevacid Questions52/14/2009 3:01slimfast13
2/13/2009My Surgery52/15/2009 8:40mom2halleyann
2/13/2009PAGER is now on Facebook12/17/2009 10:40jordyn'smom
2/13/2009Irritability and meds???82/14/2009 4:53isobel'smamma
2/13/2009Brenda/ B-Girl0
2/13/2009Baby starting on Prevacid - can I still give Zantac?42/14/2009 7:17momtomaia2005
2/12/2009Jessica - Visceral Hyperalgesia32/13/2009 11:52jessicalynn
2/12/2009Any news from Mila?22/14/2009 7:29ceramom
2/12/2009Fundraising/ March for Babies0
2/12/2009Nap Nanny83/30/2009 6:05tamaraann1978
2/11/2009Back for Help32/13/2009 7:33helen lai
2/11/2009tooth brushing22/12/2009 11:32zack'smom
2/11/2009 Jazzy and I are Back from the G.I92/12/2009 9:09b-girl
2/11/2009Edmonton, Alberta?82/14/2009 7:30ceramom
2/11/2009Another Flare52/12/2009 10:09blueleopard
2/11/2009Choking on Simply Thick32/14/2009 10:52lchang4
2/10/2009ear aches32/11/2009 1:14mom2halleyann
2/10/2009Gastrocrom32/10/2009 7:15b-girl
2/10/2009Reflux babies & illness52/12/2009 11:43bellaria
2/9/2009zantac/ prevacid32/10/2009 11:04kubicki5
2/9/2009Mac computer and password hassles0
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