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10/8/2011Axid for infant reflux110/10/2011 11:00vigilantmom
10/5/2011VigilantMom - Powder Packs question 511/6/2011 7:42kavyamom
10/4/2011Is it reflux or sleep training?611/6/2011 7:36kavyamom
10/3/2011What can I drink?210/4/2011 11:02lorenzomama
10/2/20113 Month Old Chewing and gagging himself on nipple110/3/2011 2:05poorhenry
9/30/2011How do I get a 4.5 mo old to sleep better at night?2310/21/2011 9:10poorhenry
9/30/2011Is it time for a GI Specialist?710/21/2011 9:04poorhenry
9/24/2011Something to numb the pain?1010/1/2011 12:20treetree
9/22/2011prilosec YUK!!29/25/2011 2:08jeddsmommy
9/21/2011Dr. Oz29/22/2011 12:03lorenzomama
9/20/2011Gastric Emptying Scan - False Negative?311/6/2011 4:28jenrackley
9/19/2011Is my girl a reflux baby?39/22/2011 6:13bunnyf
9/16/2011frustrated19/16/2011 9:53vigilantmom
9/16/2011rebound acid19/16/2011 9:51vigilantmom
9/14/2011my child confuses me49/15/2011 2:16vigilantmom
9/14/2011Does my son need an endoscopy?29/15/2011 10:14vigilantmom
9/11/2011How does your older baby sleep?39/13/2011 1:10mangogal
9/11/2011Weaning Zegerid?59/13/2011 1:16mangogal
9/9/2011Zegerid mixing for tube fed child39/11/2011 10:54mangogal
9/6/2011Sippy Cups19/7/2011 9:29jeddsmommy
9/5/2011excessive sweating49/7/2011 9:27jeddsmommy
9/2/2011Reflux and Congestion19/5/2011 1:33lorenzomama
8/29/2011Noonan Syndrome/Severe Reflux69/1/2011 12:31bellymom
8/28/2011Suggestions welcomed - silent reflux (Long post!)28/29/2011 10:48hopefulmama
8/26/2011I'm new and have some questions78/29/2011 11:06elizabethandthebear
8/21/201111 Months Old Burping Nightmare28/22/2011 9:04bellymom
8/16/2011Suspected Silent Refluxer refusing all bottle feeds.158/20/2011 10:44jeddsmommy
8/16/2011Vigilantmom - Question about Zegerid Powder Packs 48/18/2011 10:33dcd
8/15/2011compounded prevacid question18/15/2011 10:03vigilantmom
8/15/2011unsure about 7month old and reflux58/16/2011 12:29dcd
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