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3/19/2009OT-strollers103/22/2009 7:38b-girl
3/19/2009Insomnia? Could it be caused by meds?33/19/2009 2:43rissaroo
3/18/2009Adriane's tests33/18/2009 5:52isaacs mummy
3/17/2009Hi :) Oldie with a ?123/19/2009 7:21maggiemom
3/17/2009BETH or JEN R23/19/2009 11:19beth anderson
3/17/2009Starting Motilium for DGE13/17/2009 2:51b-girl
3/16/2009baby offically diagnosed53/18/2009 12:14commonbarbie2000
3/16/200916 month old-- transition to cow's milk-- RESULTS=BAD!83/17/2009 12:28afwife05
3/14/2009Rx/neocate/motility ?s83/16/2009 10:00jeddsmommy
3/14/2009Newly diagnosed GERD in 4 month old daughter73/16/2009 11:36zack'smom
3/14/2009To all those wanting to try Prothera's probiotics33/16/2009 9:15jeddsmommy
3/14/2009can't do it without mylanta63/16/2009 6:58kubicki5
3/13/2009Sleep study and GERD?63/17/2009 12:29afwife05
3/13/2009Co sleeping with 14 mo old GERDling ;)63/17/2009 3:21isobel'smamma
3/13/2009Shelley, how did Nicks UGI go?23/16/2009 8:45mom2halleyann
3/12/2009I just found this website....33/13/2009 11:48jenrackley
3/12/2009follow-up normal to still need mylanta33/13/2009 9:31kubicki5
3/12/2009Tests73/16/2009 12:07mommato3
3/12/2009to katiesmommy13/12/2009 5:58katiesmommy
3/12/2009Any luck with Probiotics with Prevacid?103/6/2013 4:53fluteloops
3/11/2009Prayers for Mila33/12/2009 1:00mom2adriane&morgan
3/11/2009FYI-Penicillin allergy-Don't take Nexium13/12/2009 7:27maggiemom
3/11/2009problems with solids63/13/2009 9:29mom2halleyann
3/10/2009Jazzy update33/11/2009 3:34mommy2max&lucy
3/10/2009Is it normal to still need Mylanta83/12/2009 6:56kubicki5
3/10/2009Home sweet home53/10/2009 10:08b-girl
3/10/2009DGE/ tummy bug43/13/2009 11:43jenrackley
3/10/2009Some good news (?)23/11/2009 9:43mom2halleyann
3/10/2009If no allergies, then what!?63/14/2009 10:37nicholasmom
3/9/2009Simply Thick/Thickening formula53/14/2009 10:34nicholasmom
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