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3/26/2009How long for Nexium to work?123/26/2009 6:34debbieb
3/26/2009New MOM--Toby's mom23/26/2009 8:19momma of 2 refluxers
3/25/2009Help - red hands53/26/2009 10:53mom2adriane&morgan
3/25/2009Motility meds and agitation13/25/2009 8:59isobel'smamma
3/25/2009reglan truth?113/26/2009 11:59zack'smom
3/25/2009Stain remover???43/26/2009 11:05ethan's mom
3/24/2009Child Care Teacher Needs Help :)213/29/2009 9:12momma of 2 refluxers
3/24/2009Any news about Mila?23/24/2009 9:29lorenzomama
3/24/2009susiegal13/24/2009 4:37susiegal
3/24/2009Small tucker sling still available for donation113/26/2009 8:50mely
3/24/2009how to survive until gi appt. aaaahhhhh83/25/2009 5:13mommy2k
3/24/2009Hi All - new here. What to expect from Prevacid ? 83/25/2009 1:58toby's mom
3/24/2009Allergies--maggiemom53/24/2009 2:54helen lai
3/23/2009GI appt and need help to be prepared13/23/2009 11:51emibug
3/23/2009Generic Prevacid33/24/2009 8:26debbieb
3/23/2009New and need advice 83/25/2009 8:03momma of 2 refluxers
3/23/2009New Here and Looking for Advice93/25/2009 4:07isobel'smamma
3/22/2009Nothing Seems to be Working!193/30/2009 5:35tamaraann1978
3/22/2009Miralax83/23/2009 7:14slimfast13
3/22/2009Nathan's got Reflux and MSPI????53/24/2009 9:02abbysmom
3/22/2009New and ?'s about symptoms of reflux63/22/2009 8:09kubicki5
3/21/2009carsick & GERD?143/23/2009 12:08zack'smom
3/20/2009Teething or reflux?????13/21/2009 7:40slimfast13
3/20/2009HELP..9 weeks and uncontrollable crying after every feeding103/30/2009 5:56tamaraann1978
3/20/2009Adriane's mom33/21/2009 3:21kubicki5
3/20/2009PAGER on Facebook!13/23/2009 11:41isaacs mummy
3/20/2009off topic... but cute (I think)53/21/2009 12:22slimfast13
3/20/2009Peas53/20/2009 1:37isobel'smamma
3/20/2009One more question about Carafate33/20/2009 1:44isobel'smamma
3/19/2009Carafate???153/20/2009 9:00jenrackley
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