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4/1/2009How can reflux be bad if older child eats a lot?0
4/1/2009alternatives in some cases34/2/2009 12:02sush
4/1/2009mommy2k-emibug14/1/2009 12:03mommy2k
4/1/2009Problems with Nutramigen24/1/2009 2:06maggiemom
3/31/2009Video of Mags44/1/2009 2:02maggiemom
3/31/2009Night-weaning an all night nurser with silent reflux. Any advice/ideas?144/1/2009 11:45ahousat
3/31/20098 week old finally diagnosed24/1/2009 9:30blueleopard
3/31/2009We did end up going to the ER94/1/2009 11:20vigilantmom
3/30/2009going to cry: so frustrated113/31/2009 10:59mommy2k
3/30/2009Upper GI series33/31/2009 11:35zack'smom
3/30/2009Advice on weaning from Prevacid13/31/2009 8:57slimfast13
3/30/2009Mixing 24 calorie formula43/31/2009 6:30katiesmommy
3/30/2009Is it ok to use colic calm while taking zantac?44/1/2009 3:23lorenzomama
3/30/2009Z's endoscopy53/31/2009 11:33zack'smom
3/29/2009While waiting in for Prevacid to work73/30/2009 2:50mommato3
3/29/2009Cleveland Clinic53/30/2009 2:46mommato3
3/29/2009Mommy2k53/31/2009 12:58momma of 2 refluxers
3/29/2009How do you know if it's Milk protein allergy?83/30/2009 4:19mom2adriane&morgan
3/29/2009Nathan has rectal stenosis or low partial hirsprung's74/1/2009 9:40megamason
3/28/2009emergency room???113/31/2009 10:23vigilantmom
3/28/2009side effects experiences w/prevacid53/28/2009 10:03mommy2k
3/27/2009one dose a day ok?113/29/2009 3:56momma of 2 refluxers
3/27/2009Esophagitis?33/29/2009 12:49emibug
3/27/2009Need prayers (OT)33/28/2009 4:51helen lai
3/27/2009Thanks for the advice and instructions43/27/2009 5:30kubicki5
3/27/2009Maalox helped while waiting for Nexium!33/27/2009 5:32debbieb
3/27/2009Anyone in the Des Moines Iowa area that can recommend a pediatrician who understands reflux53/27/2009 1:50vigilantmom
3/27/2009I am convinced its silent reflux and extremely worn out :(184/16/2009 9:12jonah's mom
3/26/2009Where do I begin? Baby with silent reflux53/27/2009 10:13mommy2k
3/26/2009Answer for red hands63/28/2009 4:42helen lai
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