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4/17/2009OT-while I was on photobucket :)94/22/2009 1:54maggiemom
4/16/2009Kody had a GI appt finally34/17/2009 10:55molson1525
4/16/2009Any nexium users in AM & PM?54/17/2009 11:49ahousat
4/16/2009Any nexium users in AM & PM?0
4/16/2009Tonsillitis vs Reflux???14/16/2009 2:15crowespeak
4/16/2009How did you get your infant to take Zantac?74/17/2009 4:41noor117
4/15/2009I am crazy!144/17/2009 10:08babbatt
4/14/2009PH Probe?174/15/2009 3:04mom2adriane&morgan
4/14/2009Digestive Enzymes44/15/2009 12:09emibug
4/14/2009upped prevacid and now worse34/14/2009 6:41katiesmommy
4/14/2009Marci-Kids74/15/2009 5:51isobel'smamma
4/13/2009isobel'smamma - formula44/15/2009 7:39mommato3
4/13/2009Quinn's Endoscopy... sigh...34/14/2009 10:57emibug
4/13/2009Alimentum114/14/2009 7:04mommy2max&lucy
4/13/2009Really Worried84/18/2009 3:59mommato3
4/12/2009probiotics and prebiotics supplements24/14/2009 1:04jeddsmommy
4/11/2009My 3 year-old refluxer is randomly vomiting24/23/2009 6:49momtomaia2005
4/11/2009poop question and update14/11/2009 8:24isobel'smamma
4/11/2009Mylanta dosage suggestions?34/13/2009 8:45slimfast13
4/11/2009Free Nutramigen44/14/2009 8:35b-girl
4/11/2009Feeding Team Appointment114/15/2009 2:29ttrumbo
4/11/2009Help Help Help104/14/2009 11:16maggiemom
4/10/2009Gastric Emptying Times (GES)64/14/2009 11:09jeddsmommy
4/10/2009Anyone use omeprazole104/13/2009 5:19shan
4/10/2009Cadences GI appointment64/11/2009 2:52mommy2k
4/10/2009lol going through baby pictures 14/10/2009 5:42katiesmommy
4/9/2009Does Prevacid causes loss of apetite? 54/11/2009 8:26mommato3
4/9/2009Toddler teething & reflux24/9/2009 5:10slimfast13
4/9/2009too scared to wean off prevacid!44/9/2009 11:19ethan's mom
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