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11/10/2011Anyone here using Zegerid 40mg powder?111/11/2011 1:18kavyamom
11/9/2011Transition from Prevacid to Zegerid311/11/2011 2:58vigilantmom
11/9/2011soy mishap211/10/2011 11:39dcd
11/8/2011Ready to stop meds? Add back soy/dairy?511/8/2011 6:53dcd
11/8/2011Sleep - Help please!411/10/2011 11:42dcd
11/7/2011mangogal - question regarding Zegerid powder511/16/2011 4:52mangogal
11/6/2011Need GI recommendation-Bay area, California311/7/2011 11:00lorenzomama
11/6/2011Any good STL Ped/GI's??211/9/2011 11:58mangogal
11/6/20115 MONTH OLD, DON'T THINK REFLUX IS UNDER CONTROL811/11/2011 8:57jenjentulane
11/5/2011belly bomb??111/6/2011 4:08jenrackley
11/4/2011Zegerid dosing question411/7/2011 5:00vigilantmom
11/3/2011How can I tell if Omeprazole is working as it should?711/25/2011 6:53yanina
11/2/2011Prevacid dosing/timing questions211/3/2011 3:27kavyamom
11/1/2011silent reflux, 3 month old311/7/2011 4:45poorhenry
10/30/2011marci-kids, reflux solutions website down1111/7/2011 5:04kavyamom
10/30/2011Buffer babies not available...help!311/1/2011 1:09vigilantmom
10/30/2011Kavya update211/2/2011 10:04dcd
10/28/2011Possible reflux - is there anyway to treat it without medication?211/6/2011 4:18jenrackley
10/27/2011pH probe study on older child?110/28/2011 12:35lorenzomama
10/27/2011Anyone with older child on Zegerid or Prilosec? What dosage?110/27/2011 6:14mangogal
10/26/2011Is this as good as it gets?110/27/2011 6:17mangogal
10/24/2011Back to GI with 4 year old0
10/24/2011has my 2nd baby got reflux as well?110/24/2011 11:32mangogal
10/16/2011Help for my son310/19/2011 1:03bellymom
10/16/20118 month old with reflux seems to be getting worse210/19/2011 12:58bellymom
10/16/2011Burping and Sleep Breastfeeding712/27/2011 10:26kristinfl12
10/13/2011PRN med for 4 year old110/13/2011 10:47vigilantmom
10/10/2011Reaction to Prevacid??910/21/2011 8:45poorhenry
10/10/2011Baby with reflux won't eat710/13/2011 5:05mangogal
10/10/2011Hello Im new here, and desperate for help!! :(310/11/2011 4:29reenie2007
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