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5/27/2009Anyone use Protonix115/29/2009 6:48kubicki5
5/27/2009GI doctor update115/29/2009 10:42mommy2k
5/27/2009Tucker Sling66/2/2009 10:44adelaidesmom
5/26/2009how soon for carafate to work?45/28/2009 12:56heather13
5/26/2009our UCLA visit125/30/2009 11:25molson1525
5/26/2009What to do next75/31/2009 9:39mommato3
5/25/2009nursing on demand with carafate55/26/2009 11:31heather13
5/25/2009reflux?allergies?doc visit tomorrow!45/29/2009 10:58mommy2k
5/25/2009Does this sound like food allergy problem or reflux?105/26/2009 2:52mommy2k
5/24/2009Does anyone need a Tucker Sling?45/25/2009 11:41elliesmom
5/24/2009Zegerid for infants/toddlers35/26/2009 1:30abbysmom
5/24/2009Hi! I'm new here...some questions45/26/2009 8:47momtochubmuffin
5/23/2009help with 1 yr transition85/26/2009 4:34lindy wyatt
5/22/2009Sippy Sip45/24/2009 7:403blues21pink
5/22/2009food symptoms25/22/2009 10:17jenrackley
5/22/2009Prilosec Common Dosages?35/22/2009 1:10slimfast13
5/22/2009tummy time65/22/2009 6:11slimfast13
5/21/2009New here, needing help, support, and even hugs55/23/2009 9:39slimfast13
5/20/2009for new memebers- facebook0
5/19/2009swallow study25/20/2009 11:31mommato3
5/19/20099yr old finally getting relief on higher dose ppi45/20/2009 11:41rissaroo
5/18/2009Eating Strike - Week 2125/19/2009 10:56mommato3
5/15/2009Jeddsmommy-Jessica35/16/2009 10:54mommy2k
5/15/2009Silent Reflux Concerns65/19/2009 12:31mommato3
5/14/2009Looking for advice185/15/2009 2:35stickybean
5/13/2009jacky35/14/2009 1:01stickybean
5/13/2009More on Quinn :(95/24/2009 8:56momtochubmuffin
5/13/2009Could this be oral aversion?105/18/2009 5:15vigilantmom
5/13/2009Web site posting problems??25/13/2009 11:22jenrackley
5/13/2009Association between Prevadic and Food allergies?45/13/2009 9:54blueleopard
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