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6/16/2009Magnesium Suppliment16/17/2009 10:23slimfast13
6/16/2009Why is the gagging and nausea worse in the morning?96/21/2009 8:55mom2bella
6/16/2009Impedence probe came out of monitor!!!26/16/2009 6:35ttrumbo
6/16/2009no sleep at night66/19/2009 8:26adelines mom
6/16/2009Can you hear reflux?76/22/2009 10:09jenrackley
6/15/2009Strider breathing reflux related?96/23/2009 8:41mommato3
6/15/2009Jeddsmommy186/16/2009 10:40vigilantmom
6/15/2009Impedence test tomorrow - still refusing bottle66/16/2009 11:49ttrumbo
6/15/20094 month old son please help226/16/2009 1:58jandjmommy
6/15/2009newbie looking for advice on sleep issues66/17/2009 10:40slimfast13
6/12/2009Failure To Thrive maybe due to reflux?286/17/2009 9:40mommato3
6/12/2009I meant to say "Does Symbicort bother reflux?"0
6/12/2009Feeling hopeless and tired today (may be long)146/22/2009 11:56mom2halleyann
6/12/2009Does Symbicort bother Asthma46/13/2009 10:45jenrackley
6/11/2009Questions on Med wean off or step-down76/12/2009 3:04helen lai
6/11/2009we are having a girl!106/12/2009 10:43mommato3
6/10/2009Allergy results just in146/18/2009 4:30araylee
6/10/2009Culturelle and MPI46/12/2009 1:04mommy2d&h
6/10/2009Lorenzomama26/13/2009 8:56mely
6/10/2009On to Prevacid56/16/2009 3:51diana
6/10/2009I think we are finally done with prevacid!!46/11/2009 5:17helen lai
6/10/2009Zack's GES56/11/2009 11:25zack'smom
6/10/2009Endoscopy?66/10/2009 9:32jeddsmommy
6/9/2009Homeopathic remedies?56/10/2009 1:51lorenzomama
6/9/2009upper EGD ??s66/10/2009 8:53heather13
6/9/2009Jessica/ Jedd'smommy76/9/2009 6:55zack'smom
6/9/2009Help in switching formulas. Lactose Intolerant?86/11/2009 8:41vigilantmom
6/8/2009Reglan help156/10/2009 11:07johnniesnewmommy
6/8/2009Naps and Nightime Sleep26/8/2009 10:18jeddsmommy
6/8/2009Need help re: allergy/intolerance trial46/9/2009 2:24b-girl
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