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7/17/2009Zantac17/18/2009 9:19slimfast13
7/17/2009National TV show wants heartburn sufferers0
7/16/2009Reflux toddler who won't eat57/30/2009 10:32jordana
7/16/2009New to Motherhood and GERD47/17/2009 10:44vigilantmom
7/15/2009Allergy/Ryan Update27/16/2009 10:04vigilantmom
7/14/2009Aspiration Pnumonia67/20/2009 12:01johnniesnewmommy
7/14/2009Your experience with Erythromycin, did it work127/16/2009 4:50refluxqueen
7/14/2009Can DS & I travel two days after endoscopy/ph probe?37/21/2009 3:51adelines mom
7/14/2009anyones little use nutramigen or elecare0
7/14/2009I need some help87/16/2009 9:04jeddsmommy
7/14/2009Still trying to figure out what it is...37/18/2009 10:11refluxqueen
7/13/2009eosinophilic esophagitis (ee)107/17/2009 9:47blueleopard
7/13/2009MSPI, Elecare, Axid67/17/2009 12:36paytonsmom
7/13/2009Full on reflux turning into silent reflux?27/14/2009 2:09vigilantmom
7/13/2009Dairy Allergy - Reintroduction??47/15/2009 11:09vigilantmom
7/12/2009Jeddsmommy57/17/2009 10:26mommy2k
7/10/2009infant newly dx, still in hospital, advice please47/12/2009 3:52nikkid
7/10/2009Kody's test results57/14/2009 2:49maggiemom
7/10/2009Allergies?67/13/2009 11:47vigilantmom
7/10/2009New here...17/10/2009 8:24slimfast13
7/9/2009Holden's second opinion37/10/2009 11:10mommy2k
7/9/2009Slept really well for 4 nights, now....37/14/2009 10:30jillsey15
7/9/2009PAGER on Sirius Radio next Monday!67/13/2009 7:41beth anderson
7/9/2009How is Jedd Doing with out the tube77/9/2009 9:56jeddsmommy
7/8/2009that reglan debate...77/13/2009 5:15yianni'smom
7/8/2009How to switch from Prevacid to an H2 Blocker?27/9/2009 9:44abbysmom
7/7/2009Wean off Prevacid??? Please help?77/8/2009 4:24jeddsmommy
7/7/2009Any advice please...67/8/2009 5:38slimfast13
7/7/2009Z's river trip37/9/2009 9:18vigilantmom
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