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3/13/2008Eosiniphilic Esophagitis38/5/2008 2:38jessicalynn
3/11/2008esophegeal spasming58/4/2008 10:52lilysmom55
3/7/200819 Month old Silent Refluxer.. took him off meds no difference?!33/12/2008 2:39scubababy
2/26/2008more zantac questions32/28/2008 11:40maggiemom
2/26/2008does zantac work?22/28/2008 11:39maggiemom
2/15/2008mucus/nasal congestion0
2/15/2008mucus and nasal congestion92/27/2008 9:56brigitte
1/7/2008Reglan issues118/9/2008 10:33macbaby1
1/5/2008Goodbye Message from Jan0
12/24/2007crying... no sleeping well312/25/2007 12:28visam
12/13/2007Can reglan cause nystagmus?212/25/2007 9:37jedd'smommy
11/11/2007Behaviour side-effects?212/2/2007 6:46kate
11/6/2007Advanced GER Forum or Beginner forum?52/4/2008 11:14joy
10/26/2007To gabe's mom0
10/25/200714 months ... and tired of being tired.110/26/2007 8:45baby quinn's mommy
10/18/2007food intolerance? HELP412/12/2007 12:07kjbrown92
10/18/2007How to boost his appetite ?610/26/2007 8:41baby quinn's mommy
10/18/2007Who has had the fundo?68/1/2008 10:10nanibear
10/11/2007He's nearly 3... it's not any easier311/4/2007 8:46blueleopard
10/1/200717 month old scheduled for endoscopy110/2/2007 11:39joy
9/29/2007Surgery Stories510/31/2007 8:50kate
9/15/20073 yrs. post-nissen stomach pain94/9/2008 8:08pattirow
9/5/2007Chewing & GERD?49/9/2007 9:20jan gambino burns
9/2/2007Trying to make a decision...89/16/2007 7:48gabe's mom
8/20/2007Help With Recipes (running out of ideas)74/6/2008 12:57azmom
8/9/2007Can't get a 10 month old to sleep - please help!53/28/2008 1:12momtomaia2005
8/7/2007anyone's child over 2 years and still has/had bad gerd?910/11/2007 11:56adonael
8/1/2007Sour cream and GERD28/8/2007 9:04lisamarie
7/30/2007Fundoplication for aspiration pneumonia49/5/2007 9:37bensmom
7/19/2007URGENT: Neocate tin needed to buy in Melbourne please....27/20/2007 7:40jan gambino burns
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