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4/21/2003Burping a baby with a fundo & G-tube - - HELP!!114/22/2003 11:39rebeccasmith@lycos.com
4/21/2003Burping a baby with a fundo & G-tube - - HELP!!25/14/2003 12:32Anonymous
4/21/2003Burping a baby with a fundo & G-tube - - HELP!!0
4/21/2003Looking for parents experienced with food aversion & feeding therapists...34/23/2003 3:04Deetsy71@netzero.net
3/25/2003Gastric Bile Reflux and Dumping14/22/2003 11:38rebeccasmith@lycos.com
3/7/2003Helicobacter and GERD, weird endosopy results0
3/3/2003Workshop-NewVisions Space available13/4/2003 8:30Don Bates - Northern VA
2/21/2003Endoscopy Results13/13/2003 6:32Anonymous
1/23/2003how much is too much42/10/2003 6:15Beth Anderson
1/16/2003Sandifer's Syndrome186/9/2010 11:17jenrackley
12/27/20025 year old that may need a Nissen712/28/2002 8:21Anonymous
12/19/2002Ongoing reflux in my preemie, how long is too long?41/3/2003 11:44Katherine
12/8/2002J tube512/9/2002 8:59Anonymous
11/15/2002Connection between Reflux and Sensory Integration Dysfunction (SID)?711/18/2002 11:29Staci Daddona
11/5/2002GER & Asthma x 2 kids now... Do many other families have the same issue?22/23/2003 8:36Anonymous
9/23/2002Second Fundoplication0
8/19/2002Testing and Surgery Questions - Please help, any info148/19/2002 11:58Susan Gunther
8/19/2002Reflux Surgery: Any good news?88/20/2002 9:28Anonymous
8/4/200224 hour acid probe98/4/2002 8:46Sandra Ringelstein
7/21/2002Biopsy results47/21/2002 8:59Susan
7/16/2002Awareness in your hometown newspaper57/22/2002 8:41Susan McLane
5/7/2002Need advice!!75/7/2002 8:29Susan McLane
3/16/2002The use of anit-reflux medications133/17/2002 10:11Debbie Goins (degoins@yahoo.com)
1/26/2002Spencer's story41/27/2002 3:41Susan Gunther
1/22/2002Eliah's surgery date21/24/2002 9:39Chelle
1/13/2002Frequent infections0
1/8/2002silent gerd, respiratory infections, tipping baby51/13/2002 4:32Beth Anderson
1/8/2002silent gerd, respiratory infections, tipping baby12/7/2002 10:09mom of reflux seizure sufferer
12/31/2001foods412/31/2001 11:04Anonymous
12/28/2001intro212/28/2001 11:48Susan Gunther
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