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6/3/2004slipped fundo and tonsillectomy???66/13/2004 10:40Anonymous
6/1/2004*BIZZARE* but thought provoking treatment of feeding issues with SID component76/1/2004 6:58Anonymous
5/27/2004Down Syndrome Reflux Support0
5/12/2004Fundo, Gerd, Dysphagia65/13/2004 7:39Carla Gorecki
3/18/2004New book on infant reflux...23/20/2004 9:43Anonymous
3/11/200412 year old- relaxed LES153/13/2004 6:29Carol
3/7/2004pyloroplasty23/8/2004 7:46Anonymous
2/23/200418.5 mo old son with ger for 12 mo. will have upper Gi then ph probe....need info32/27/2004 5:49Dr Dysdal
2/8/2004Recovery from Sandifer's?27/15/2008 7:50nunco
1/27/2004pH probe test31/31/2004 11:10Mary
1/27/2004DUMPING SYNDROME15/19/2004 10:59Anonymous
1/25/2004Non invasive procedures: ie: Stretta, EndoCinch12/5/2004 2:14Anonymous
1/25/2004Dysmotility and Nissen??91/25/2004 4:03Windymastro@comcast.net
1/17/2004N-G tubes31/17/2004 8:00Anonymous
1/6/2004Excessive Mucous During Meals0
10/22/2003Cyclic Vomitting or Abdominal Migraine210/22/2003 7:27Pam
10/13/2003G Tube Supplies-Giveaway0
9/15/2003domperidone experiences19/16/2003 10:19Anonymous
8/29/2003Medicines for dealing with vomiting54/8/2004 4:28Anonymous
7/25/2003GER, SID, oral defensiveness98/4/2003 2:38gergroup@aol.com
7/24/2003Singulair for reflux?27/25/2003 1:19Anonymous
7/19/2003G-tube help please!38/3/2003 2:55Nikki
7/13/2003Malrotated bowel + aortic nerve wrapped around esophagus13/4/2004 4:42Anonymous
7/6/20033 children with GERD97/9/2003 4:06Tricia
6/30/20031st Nissen scheduled for 11 year old - Fear it will lose effectiveness after a couple of years138/28/2003 8:31Anonymous
6/29/2003Severe Eosinophilic Gastritis in 4 1/2 Year Old46/29/2003 9:27Anonymous
5/21/2003new motility problems?115/21/2003 8:14Don Bates - Northern VA
4/27/2003My son has "choking episodes" after 2 nissens24/27/2003 10:04Don Bates - Northern VA
4/23/2003advice from doctor/parents prior to Mayo Clinic appointment0
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