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11/21/2004Esophageal Dismotility412/16/2004 1:12Anonymous
11/15/2004Fundo recommended? Make sure your child doens't have Cyclical Vomiting Syndrome (CVS)1212/6/2004 3:30Alex
11/10/2004Thoughts on the Vegal Nerve damage from the fundo612/3/2004 10:14Carol
11/9/2004barely a whisper711/11/2004 5:20Carla
11/4/2004Tahlias story, 9 months old, will she still outgrow this???111/4/2004 2:40Carla
10/27/2004Reflux, Vocal cord paresis, NJ tube.910/28/2004 10:36danny
10/18/2004Dysmotility description page created0
10/16/2004GERD and food allergies210/23/2004 7:38Sherry in PA
10/16/2004Having Jake's Fundo taken down??2510/16/2004 1:42Christine
10/7/2004A parent with a child with EE, PLEASE HELP610/7/2004 10:59Carla
10/6/20045 days post redo fundo-swallowing question210/11/2004 12:45Carla
9/26/2004Post nissen-vomiting everything-help!99/27/2004 4:45Christine
9/17/2004ph study question39/22/2004 8:38Carla
9/12/200412 days post fundo tummy pain when eating79/12/2004 9:02Carla
9/11/2004Post Fundo Retching Syndrome has anyone heard of it?29/15/2004 11:52Carla
9/1/2004regarding GERD siblings and prevacid doses69/5/2004 8:27Anonymous
9/1/2004CAN ANYONE HELP ME?????69/1/2004 9:38Anonymous
8/30/2004J-tube surgery question28/31/2004 2:04Pam
8/30/2004J-tube surgery question0
8/23/2004Fundo soon - helpful hints from experienced Moms?48/25/2004 12:11Jan
8/11/2004My daughter stopped breathing during a reflux episode post-fundo38/20/2004 11:45Carla
8/4/2004Fundo gone bad, and no one will help58/5/2004 2:35ptyler
8/3/2004DGE medical/surgical options28/4/2004 1:22Anonymous
7/21/2004Dealing with people who don't understand GERD77/26/2004 4:53Carla
7/1/2004GI and Surgeon recommendations in PA47/15/2004 1:03Anonymous
6/29/2004LPR and Fundo126/30/2004 12:49ptyler
6/15/2004Anybody accused of making child sick or lying about symptoms?36/21/2004 4:25Lor
6/14/2004grandson with GER, 5 months old, Fundo and g tube26/15/2004 9:04Alex
6/14/2004For Carla G., re: 2nd Fundo0
6/4/2004PAGER Staff have article on Reglan published in medical journal36/7/2004 3:21Anonymous
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