So you want to raise money for PAGER! Thank you! We have a booklet attached below for those who want more details. Here are some ideas:

  • Do you know a musician? Host them at your house and ask the audience for donations. Even famous musicians will often do small charity gigs if you work around their schedule.
  • Take an activity you already enjoy and turn it into a contest. Do you play mini-golf? Get your team members to donate a penny for each stroke. If you are feeling rich, make it a quarter. Place silly bets on certain holes.
  • Do you have a party every year for the big game? Figure out a way to gather donations at the party.
  • Do you have a candy jar at work? Put a donation box next to it.
  • Ask your boss to "rent" his parking space to the highest bidder. Donate the money to PAGER, of course.
  • You can sell casual Friday passes at work - only those who donate to PAGER can dress down.
  • Write a cute holiday letter and ask your friends and family to make a donation.
  • Get a big batch of donuts and take them to church. Don't put a price on the donuts. Put a basket next to them that says, "please make a love offering." You will be shocked at how people will pay.
  • Hold a car wash and ask for an unspecified donation. Make a big sign that tells the purpose of the donation. Give them a brochure. Some people will donate $20 if they see it goes to a good cause.
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