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Getting Away for the Weekend

There were several messages on the PAGER Association Parent Forums this week on the topic of going away for the weekend when you have a baby with reflux. It is a big deal to go away and find someone to care for you high need baby. It brought back memories of when I finally decided that it was time to get away for the weekend and leave the kids behind. Not many people would watch my kids much more than a few hours but that is why we have grandparents. My parents agreed to take care of the kids for an entire weekend and then the planning began. I explained the medications and the special foods, assembled a long list of doctors and gave them lessons on using the nebulizer for asthma and the feeding pump for the feeding tube. My parents are smart people: my dad is a renowned scientist and my mom raised 4 kids including my brother Jeff with colic so severe he would have been left at the steps of the police station if my grandmother wasn’t there to help. Yet both of them stared at me with that deer in the headlights look when I explained all of the special care my refluxer needed.

It is still momentous to go away for the weekend, even when your refluxers are teens. There is still a mountain of plans, guilt and worry to contend with not to mention the huge list of things to do before actually leaving the house. There is less caretaking to explain when they are older and the emergency list is a lot shorter. I still worry and hope they will eat carefully and take their medicine. So girls, if you are reading this: absolutely NO soda and take your medicine before school!

I wish all of the brave reflux moms and dads a wonderful weekend away. I send good wishes to all of the grandparents and friends who are caring for the refluxers this weekend. Don’t worry-you will survive!


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