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Health Central Launching New Reflux Site

Health Central is in the process of upgrading the Acid Reflux section of their extensive health website. I think you will be impressed with the new look and the new features. You are invited to preview the site and give feedback as well as leave a message.

I hope you will take a peek by logging on to:
You’ll be prompted for a login/password:
Login: healthcentral
Password: thcn
(Both are case-sensitive)

The new site features three parent friendly areas:

1) FIND – to easily understand about your needs and resources available to you;
2) MANAGE – to better plan and take actions for your health; and
3) SHARE&LEARN -- to share experience, ideas and inspiration with people who have “been there”.

I hope you will register and leave a message on the Share&Learn page. You can ask a question; share a thought and even a gripe! Don’t worry, you don’t have to leave your name-you can think of a great screen name like “Sleepless Mom in Tulsa” or “Frustrated Dad”.

I think that the Share&Learn page is a great place to find others with common questions and concerns. It can be such a huge relief to find others with similar worries and frustrations when you feel most alone. You wonder if you are the only parent in the world with a baby or child with reflux. Then you log onto the Share&Learn page to find that someone else is having the same sleep or feeding problems as you. Some parents find that another parent can give them better information then the doctor on how to manage reflux at home. Think about it: the doctor certainly knows a great deal about the medications and diets. But only another parent can tell you how to keep your sanity on little sleep for days on end!

So take a moment to log onto the new site and post a message. You can give me feedback on the site too. Send your comments to: refluxmom2@earthlink.net.
I look forward to reading your posts!


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