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Connecting with Each Other

At PAGER, connecting parents to each other is a vital part of our mission. We have a wonderful network of volunteers to answer phone calls and emails from our world wide membership. Some of the connections are amazing.

In the spring, Beth Anderson, PAGER Executive Director received a call from a mom on the west coast of Canada about her child. It was a complex case so she consulted with a physician who helps our organization when WE have questions. I also called the mom and we talked for over an hour. Since she did not have internet access, I sent her a large packet of written information about reflux by airmail so she would get the information in a matter of days.

We talked again several times in the next week. One of her frustrations was not having a support network in her community so she could talk to other parents. If she had internet access, she could join the Parent Forum on the PAGER website at www.reflux.org and talk to many parents. The forum functions as a virtual support group for parents.

I scanned my contact list and saw that there was a member in Eastern Canada who had a child with reflux and related issues. I got permission for the East coast mom to call the West coast mom. Later I learned that they have developed a close relationship and still talk on the phone often.

Finding each other and making connections can make a big difference. When we have someone to travel with, we feel less isolated and alone. We can laugh together and cry together. We can share the good news and the bad. I hope you have someone to travel with on your journey through the world of acid reflux.


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