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My license plate reads: GERDMOM. I wanted it to say REFLUXMOM but it just wouldn’t fit! Oh well. I will do anything to educate the world about this common but often overlooked disease, even if it means using my van as a public awareness billboard.

As I am driving, I often see people mouthing G-E-R-D MOM and turning to look at me. I am not sure if they are just curious or expecting to see some outward sign like vomit stains on my clothes!

Usually they will see me on my cell phone engaged in a conversation with the parent of a baby with reflux. A big part of my work at PAGER Association involves answering phone calls from parents of refluxers. The calls come from every state and around the world. I love talking to the moms, dads and even some grandparents. We get all kinds of questions about every topic related to reflux. Sometimes parents don’t have a specific question but just want to tell their story to someone who understands. I hope you will call PAGER Association at 301-601-9541 if you have questions or concerns about your baby or child with acid reflux. If I don’t answer the call, you will get a return call in a day or so from one of our wonderful trained parent volunteers. I hope to hear from you soon!


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