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More Reflux Lingo

An Australian reflux support group coined the phrase “reflux rollercoaster” to describe the ups and downs of caring for a baby with reflux. I sometimes say to parents, hold on tight for a wild ride on the reflux rollercoaster.

Beth Anderson, Executive Director of PAGER Association calls the high level of care giving required for a baby with reflux “Intensive Care Parenting”. Much like a patient in an Intensive Care Unit, a baby with reflux requires vigilant monitoring and care 24/7.

A few years ago, PAGER Association collaborated with TAP Pharmaceuticals Inc on a public awareness campaign called Gut Instincts-When You Know Something is Wrong with Your Child. I know many parents on the PAGER Association discussion board at www.reflux.org will say, “My gut tells me this isn’t right “or encourage another parents by saying, “Trust your instincts”.

Author /Pediatrician Dr. Bill Sears has much personal and professional experience with acid reflux. He often uses the term “hurting baby” to describe a baby with reflux. I think this is a wonderfully descriptive term. It makes me think- Why is she hurting? How can I help her? I would imagine a fancy medical term like Gastroesophageal reflux may generate confusion and disbelief from friends and family while saying you have a hurting baby would generate sympathy and compassion


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