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What is a Reflux Mom?

Most people probably have an idea of what a soccer mom is. You can just imagine her unloading a car full of kids in uniforms and cleats, sitting on the side lines in her folding chair watching the game.

It is likely that few people have an image of a reflux mom (mom of a baby with reflux). In the early days, a reflux mom may be invisible. Her baby may be too inconsolable to withstand a car ride or being strapped in a stroller so she is probably home 24/7. On rare occasions, you might see a reflux mom at a store but it is probably at the all night grocery/pharmacy between the hours of 11pm and 2am. It may not be a pretty sight either. Deep lines of worry and fatigue may cover her face. She is probably wearing smelly formula/vomit stained clothes because her other clothes are piled up in the huge laundry pile.

Over time, the misery and pain subside (for Both mom and baby. At this point, a reflux mom should feel proud to say: I’m a Reflux Mom! It means you have endured a very difficult time and helped your baby feel better and thrive. And like a soccer mom, you can settle into that cozy chair and cheer on your gerdling (child with reflux) from the side lines while you take a much needed break from a stormy period in your life. It also means you can cheer on other reflux moms and offer encouragement and hope.


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