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Hello from the Reflux Mom!

Let me tell you a little bit about myself and my family. First, I should tell you that I did not intend to become a reflux mom...it sort of happened by accident. With the birth of my youngest daughter, I had 3 beautiful girls under the age of 5, a minivan parked in front of the house in the suburbs and a successful career in Early Childhood/ Special Education. Pretty typical stuff-right?!

Well things were going just fine until little Rebecca started showing some worrisome symptoms and was hospitalized at 17 days of age. From that day on, I entered the world of reflux and I would never be the same. As many of you know, being a reflux mom requires strenuously long days of caretaking following by night time feeding and comforting. It was a pretty rough ride but I held on tight. Over time, I found myself feeling overwhelmed and frustrated. By the time I found a parent support organization for children with reflux called the Pediatric/Adolescent Gastroesophageal Reflux Association (PAGER Association), I was feeling pretty defeated.

PAGER Association provided the information and support I needed to help Rebecca. And, I found other parents with similar concerns, providing a network of support so I could ask questions or just vent.

When Rebecca was feeling better, I joined the staff of PAGER Association as the Associate Director. Over the years, I have talked with hundreds of parents (mostly moms) who have accidentally found out they were reflux moms. At PAGER we always say: Welcome to the club. So sorry you have to be here. We are here to help.

I hope you will log onto the PAGER Association website at www.reflux.org or call us at 301-601-9541.


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