Meet Team PAGER - Updated May 2008


Beth Anderson (Elizabeth Pulsifer-Anderson), Founder of PAGER, Executive Director and President of the Board. Beth edits the newsletter, writes the web site content and writes a lot of our materials - with a lot of help from Board members and volunteers. Beth also speaks to groups of health professionals, collaborates with organizations with similar missions, works with our attorney, accountant, payroll service and coordinates many projects. Her two children no longer have severe GER. Beth wrote The Reflux Book in her non-PAGER time.

Jennifer Rackley BS, is the Volunteer Coordinator and has been volunteering with PAGER since dealing with her first daughter’s GERD five years ago. She also has twin daughters who are now 2 years old, one has GERD and one does not. In her “pre-reflux” life she worked in clinical nutrition and has a bachelors and some graduate work in that field.

Lisa Panzarella, RN is the new Discussion Forum Monitor. She reads every posting on our web site and helps us watch for missinformation. She also spends quite a bit of time offering ideas and support. Lisa's son is almost four and still has some reflux and issues with food allergies.

Tracey Butler, MS LGPC is a pastoral counselor who is setting up her own practice. She worked for us in the office years ago while she was in school and is back helping out while her practice gets off the ground. She is a jack of all trades and digging us out of a huge backlog.

PAGER Board of Directors

PAGER requires that more than 50% of Board members be family members of children with GER.
PAGER has no set number of Board members. If you are interested in serving on the Board, please contact us.

This board list was updated April 2009

Sara Henson - Board Member
Parent of a child with reflux
Frederick, Maryland

Terry Jarrett – Board Member
Parent of two children with reflux
Kenner, Louisiana

Ed Freeman, MD – Board Member
Killeen, Texas

Sudha Kaistha - Board Member
Parent of a child with reflux
Mt Airy, Maryland

Beth Anderson – Board Member, Founder, Executive Director
Parent of two children with reflux
Frederick, Maryland

Jennifer Rackley, BS - Board member and Volunteer Coordinator
Harrison, Arkansas

Tracey Butler, MS LGPC - Board member and Administrative Assistant
Olney, Maryland


PAGER has MANY helpful volunteers. They are the ones you usually talk to by phone, on e-mail or on the discussion boards.

On top of their training in Basic GERD, many of our volunteers have first hand experience with advanced topics in GERD:

  • surgery
  • tube feeding
  • feeding refusal
  • breastfeeding
  • special needs
  • respiratory involvement
Check with your
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