All three of these girls had malnutrition as babies and are still small for their ages. They are standing with Dr. Kima Taylor, Legislative Assistant to US Senator Paul Sarbanes.

Katie (left) was diagnosed with GERD at birth and was given lots of supplemental nutrition from the very beginning. In this picture she is 12 and weighs less than 70 lbs.

Sheri was not diagnosed with Crohn's Disease until she was 11. She is14 in this picture and the shortest.

Amanda was diagnosed with Crohn's Disease at age 4 and received supplemental nutrition. She is 12 in this picture and very small for her age.

The girls were meeting with Dr. Taylor to promote better funding for digestive disease research. As part of their presentation, they got up and showed how short they each are due to malnutrition. A living Science Demonstration!

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