Dear PAGER Members and Friends,

As we approach the end of 2007, we have some wonderful achievements to be thankful for.

2007 accomplishments list

  • The PAGER website had a phenomenal increase in web traffic this year. Web traffic just hit 950,000 page views per month with total hits over 1.6 million per month.
  • The web site now has 300 pages of content and 31,000 discussion postings. Over 40% of the traffic on the site is to the discussion forums. That translates to over 680,000 messages viewed each month.
  • By the end of the year, our volunteers will log about 1500 hours for a total value of nearly $30,000. (You are worth $18.04 per hour according to the federal government.)
  • PAGER staff logged about 2,000 hours this year – a small portion of that time was paid and the rest volunteered.
  • We now have almost 9,000 members worldwide.
  • We helped TAP Pharmaceuticals with the Kids Create. Parents Relate. Coloring and Drawing Contest for the third year in a row.
  • Reflux Digest, is now available on-line in the newsletter archive.
  • We said Good Bye to Jan Gambino who is retiring from PAGER after five years.
  • We hired Jennifer Rackley, a long time volunteer to be our new Volunteer Coordinator.
  • We created a position for an official discussion group monitor and hired Lisa Panzarella, RN.

PAGER Association goals for 2008 include:
  • Website Development: Our goal to develop a mirror site in Spanish. This is very expensive and we are seeking corporate sponsorship.
  • Parent Education Materials: There is an ongoing need to develop parent education materials, particularly Spanish and low literacy materials.
  • Public Awareness of Pediatric Acid Reflux: Through ongoing outreach to parents and physicians, we can increase public awareness of gastroesophageal reflux, leading to prompt diagnosis and appropriate treatment.
  • Volunteer Training: With the revision of the Volunteer Training packet, PAGER Association is ready to train new volunteers. We hope to train several Spanish speaking volunteers in 2008.

We have been able to accomplish quite a lot this year. Please help us accomplish even more in 2008 by making a donation. You can do so by visiting the DONATE page on the left menu.

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