Dear PAGER Members and Friends,

As we approach the end of 2004, we have some wonderful achievements to be thankful for.

Accomplishments for 2004:

  • Started GERD 101 classes at local hospitals and wrote a curriculum for volunteer teachers.
  • Our website reached 100,000 hits per month!
  • Had our first Chilifest fundraiser event in Frederick MD.
  • Attended American Academy of Pediatrics conference and disseminated literature to the 5000 pediatricians in attendance.
  • Wrote an article for a medical journal about neurological reactions to reflux medications.
  • A PAGER volunteer spoke to American Speech Language and Hearing Assn at Maryland conference.
  • PAGER members set up educational displays at local health fairs in all areas of the country.
  • Our 35 trained volunteers logged thousands of hours helping families all over the world.
  • Our web discussion board has over 5,000 postings that are searchable from within the site.
  • Our discussion board can now be searched by external search engines and a special tool boosts our visibility on searches from Google.
  • Received great media coverage – including a syndicated health column recommending our web site that ran in many newspapers around the country.

    Our Priorities for 2005
  • Update and improve the website for our members and visitors.
  • Complete our book on pediatric GERD. (Jan and Beth are in the middle of negotiations with a major book publisher to write a parent medical guide to pediatric GERD in collaboration with a well-known author!)
  • Recruit college interns and community volunteers to assist with administrative duties.
  • Fundraising, an ongoing priority for all non-profits.
  • Develop another GERD awareness campaign.

    The PAGER staff and board are looking at ways to continue our mission and serve our many families better while conserving our limited funds and staff time. Over the past several years, the calls to PAGER have remained steady, but the web site usage has soared. Most families find us while searching the web - 100,000 hits per month! Unfortunately, the site has become sprawling and cumbersome. It is time for an overhaul. While we won't abandon our members who don't have internet access, we need to post more information and handouts on the web site. The web is a quicker, more efficient and economical method to disseminate information.

    Here are some changes you will see:
  • We will be reorganizing the web site to make it easier for parents to use.
  • We need to upgrade the old software and computers.
  • We will be communicating more electronically and ‘e-publishing’ more of our materials on the web site.
  • We will temporarily suspend the quarterly newsletter and open a news section on the web site.
  • We will be creating a more efficient system for assigning volunteers to new parents.
  • We will be relying more on volunteers and interns to help with some administrative tasks so we have more time to write the book.
  • We will be cutting back on most projects, other than the book, for a few months

    Donations are needed to fund the web site redesign, e-publishing and technology upgrade. All donations are tax-deductible. Please help us continue to make our information more accessible and reach out to those in need.

    Best wishes for a healthy and prosperous 2005!

    Beth Anderson
    Jan Gambino-Burns
  • Check with your
    doctor first!