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Many of the families you are about to meet have been part of the PAGER network for years and almost deserve a medical degree. Others have been muddling through at home and are eager to meet the rest of our community.

Families dealing with acid reflux in their children all have amazing stories to tell and experiences to share. What other families have learned can be amazingly helpful, touching or inspiring.

You can search the profiles to find families who are one step ahead of you or just browse through them all.When we look at your stories, we are continually amazed at what we read. You are all wonderful and we thank you for being so generous in sharing your lives.

You can start your own profile then change it or add to it at any time. Write an essay, treat it like a diary, or just post pictures. This is your own personal page on the PAGER site to do as you please. There are sections for "public information" or "just for the PAGER staff." To CHANGE or update your profile, sign in using the link on the left side of the green bar at the top of the site.

We just ask that you not badmouth any doctors by name or institution. We know that many of you have had trouble getting the treatment your child deserves, but we need to stay focused on making that situation better - not making enemies. You can share this information by private e-mail.

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