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If you or your friends purchase medications from ProgressiveRx via the link at the bottom of this page, ProgressiveRx will donate 10% of your total purchase to PAGER. They will also donate $5 from every purchase to a pediatric tuberculosis and nutrition clinic in India that was founded by the owner of ProgressiveRx.

ProgressiveRx provides access to prescription medications at significant discounts by sourcing them from pharmacies in less expensive markets such as Canada and India. ProgressiveRx sources all medications from pharmacies that have been either certified by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration or meet the World Health Organization's "Good Manufacturing Practices" (GMP) standards.

There are specific provisions in FDA regulations regarding purchasing medications from abroad. The FDA requires you to have a valid prescription or note from your doctor, and you may only purchase up to 90 days at a time for personal use. They also prohibit the importations of "Scheduled Drugs" (any drug deemed to have additional risk). Some cities and states are now helping their employees import medications as a cost saving measure.

Medications purchased outside of the United States can be much cheaper, but there are safety concerns about getting the correct medication in the correct dose with no contamination. If you chose to purchase your medications using any online pharmacy, we strongly urge you to check out the safety, quality and reputation of the pharmacy.

ProgressiveRx has been certified by PharmacyChecker.com, which checks the credentials of online pharmacies and is the largest and most independently accepted online pharmacy verification program. AARP Magazine, Smart Money, and Consumer Reports, Google, Yahoo!, and MSN reference Pharmacychecker.com and require PharmacyChecker.com verification of their online pharmacy advertisers.

If you have drug coverage with your health insurance provider, check if they will reimburse you for medicine you purchase online.

PAGER does not have any control over Progressive Rx or any of our other advertisers. We can suggest some web sites that will give you information about Progressive Rx but we also recommend that you try to find information on your own.


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