PAGER Association does not share your personal information with anybody. Ever.

When Exceptional Parent profiled PAGER and offered to mail a free copy of their magazine to each of our members, we did the mailing ourselves because we have always guaranteed that we will not share your information. We probably could have trusted them, but we didn't want to break our promise to you.

Still have privacy concerns? Let us know!

Privacy hint: Our discussion boards are open to the public and may show up on a search engine. Posting your e-mail address lets you be in direct contact with other families. But it also lets spammers find your address and start sending you junk. We do make some effort to disguise your email address electronically, but spammers are starting to get wise to the techniques we use.

You can disguise your e-mail several different ways so that only humans, not computers can read it:

  • gergroupATrefluxorg(fix the punctation)
  • (Delete the extra letters)
  • g e r g r o u p ## r e f l u x ## o r g (delete the spaces and fix the punctuation)

Check with your
doctor first!