PAGER Association is closed. Please continue to borrow material with attribution and rite informative articles about reflux. More children are being accurately diagnosed but not all.

PAGER has been mentioned in individual articles about 40 times, in an Associated Press story and in a syndicated column.

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Quad Cities Iowa Gazette
Acid reflux meds on rise in babies, but are they effective?

The Doctor's Show Features a PAGER member
Janet (Zack'smom) asked Dr. Sears about reflux in children

Reglan Receives Black Box Warning
Press Release issued by PAGER

Links to many
Spanish site release coverage

Media Alert: Are Pediatricians Over-Treating Reflux in Children?
Are Pediatricians Over-Treating Reflux in Children?

PAGER in Frederick News Post
Beth Anderson is interviewed about her book

Put Out the Fire Chili Festival mentioned on MSN mentions the Put Out the Fire Chili Festival (TM)

Channel 27 Covers the Chili Festival 08
Channel 25 in Frederick/Hagerstown covers the Put Out the Fire Chili Festival

PAGER teams up with The Health Central Network
Announcing an alliance to develop enhanced internet resources for parents whose children are diagnosed with gastroesophegeal reflux (GER).

Asthma and Allergy Today 2006
Noisy Asthma, Silent Reflux by Jan Gambino, M ED

Washington Post 2002
Bundle Of Misery - The diagnosis for an inconsolable infant might be reflux, not colic. Written by PAGER member, Kim Fernandez

Nursing Spectrum November 1999
What's Wrong with Katie? Article about PAGER founder, Beth Anderson and her baby

Washington Post 1996
A Baby with Reflux, A Family in Tumult - written by PAGER member Shelly Lowenstein. Washington Post Health Section 1996

This list is not comprehensive.


Wall Street Journal

Baby Crying? Doctors Say it May be Acid Reflux Disease

Denver Post

Baby Crying? Doctors Say it May be Acid Reflux Disease

Arizona Star

Baby Crying? Doctors Say it May be Acid Reflux Disease

Daily Herald (Chicago)

Baby Crying? Doctors Say it May be Acid Reflux Disease


Washington Post

Bundle of Misery, The diagnosis for an inconsolable infant might be reflux, not colic


Washington Post

A Baby with Reflux, a Family in Tumult

November 01

Baby Talk

Is There Any Such Thing As Colic? A growing number of doctors say no. There's a cause for crying they say, and a cure.

May/June 99

Digestive Health and Nutrition

What you Need to Know About GERD in Children, Is Spitting Up a Sign of a More Serious Problem?

December 01

Washington Parent

A Gut Feeling, Gstroesophageal Reflux


Boston Globe

Clear concerns amid murky debate, Patent documents raise questions in dispute on endoscope infection risk

February 03

Working Mother

Recognizing Reflux



Germantown group goes global to fight pediatric illness

March 02

Big Apple Parent

Two moms act on a 'gut feelling' - and make medical history


Montgomery Journal

They Care, Four cited for service to youth

August 95

NIH newsletter, DDNotes

Pediatric GERD Association Links Families


Parent and Child (LA, Orange County, San Diego

Gut Feelings, Reflux isn't just a problem for babies


Nursing Spectrum

What's Wrong with Katie? When a child is diagnosed with PAGER, support systems sould be indentified for the parents as well.



Childhood heartburn disease causes parents' grief

October 01

Frederick Child

GERD in Babies and Children


Washington Post

Quality Time With Baby Will on the Hill, For Rep. Bill Orton, Taking His Son to Work Is Part of the Job of Being a Father. 2 Days a Week, a Baby Goes to Congress.

December 99

Ladies Home Journal

Celebrating With the Septuplets (Natalie and Alexis have reflux)


East Valley Tribune

Sick Baby Taken; Medical Reports Contradict State, East Valley Mom takes on CPS


The Capital

A Promising Diagnosis, Girl copes with rare pediatric disease


Journal of the American Medical Association

Mapping of a Gene for Severe Pediatric Gastroesophageal Reflux to Chromosome 13q14


San Diego Union-Tribune

Kids' reflux ills genetic, study shows. Escondido family among many hoping for a cure


Washington Post

Possible Genetic Cause for a Childhood Ailment


Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Reflux may be inherited, AGH study sees genetic lin, at least in children with the ailment


Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

Heartburn linked to genetic problem


NBC 7 San Diego

Child reflux linked to genes

January 00

Pediatric News

Large Families Wanted, Study Probing the Genetics of GE Reflux Needs Families to Sign Up

July 00

V-Gastroenterology (web)

The Role of Patient Associations in Research: Collaboration in the Search for a Genetic Marker for Reflux


Valley News Dispatch

Researchers link Heartburn to genes


GeneLetter (online)

Got Heartburn? Understanding the moledular culprits behind a common ailment


Reuters Health (wire)

Some Acid Reflux may be Partly Genetic


Associated Press (wire)

Possible Genetic Cause for A Childhood Ailment

June 88


The Troubled Tummy

February 03

Preemie Perspectives

Online Magazine

April 2003

American Baby Magazine

Is it Colic - Or Something Else?


Deseret News Salt Lake City

Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease, Condition affects people of all ages, including infants


Staten Island Advance

Understanding the Hurting Baby, Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease can affect children too, making them picky eaters.


WGN (WB) Chicago

Medical Watch on 9:00 pm news


Salt Lake Tribune

Heartburn condition is more than colic

June 2003

Better Homes and Gardens

Pediatric GERD mentioned in an article on getting a second opinion

May 2003


Pediatric GERD and colic covered in an article on common illnesses


Washington Family

Is My Baby Normal?


Harrison (AK) Daily Times

Reflux Dangerous for Infants

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