Send us your pictures of reflux and kids with reflux.
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Famous People with acid reflux
Can you guess who these famous people with GERD are? Be patient, this file is BIG and loads slowly.

See the GERD Nerd (TM) Lapel Buttons

Baby has a pH probe
Baby with a pH probe

Chili Festival Photos
Photos from the Put Out the Fire Chili Festival(TM) - This is an entire album of photos that must opened individually

Reflux Rendezvous
Building A Reflux Rollercoaster at the family conference

Refluxing and drooling
You can tell that Matthew's reflux is acting up

Baby with acid reflux
Heartbreaking photo of baby Lexi

Have Meds, Will Travel
Rebecca travels with her own private pharmacy

More Fun at the Walk Run
Hving a blast on the beach and raising funds for reflux research

Dr. Barry Brazelton
Meeting Dr. T. Barry Brazelton

Walk Run pix
Having Fun at the Walk Run in San Diego

Tiny Recliner Chair
Good and Bad sleeping positions for GERD

Meeting Arnold Schwarzeneger
The PAGER kids meet Arnold Schwarzeneger

Senator Lieberman gets a heartburn tie
Katie presents Senator Lieberman with a "heartburn" tie featuring burning hearts

The PAGER kids meet Senator Joe Lieberman
A professional photo of the kids meeting Senator Lieberman

Darren Bennett hosts another Run for Reflux Research
Darren Bennett of the Chargers and the kids with GERD

Darren Bennett and the kids with GERD
Darren Bennett is the host of PAGER's Walk Run in San Diego

Beth and Caroline with Dr. Sears
Beth and Caroline at Dr. Bill Sears' house

Fat Baby with GERD
What happens when a gerdling likes to drink a lot to soothe a sore throat?

Lemonade Awards Ceremony
PAGER Association gave Lemonade Awards (TM) to Congressional Wives

Katie, Sheri and Amanda in Senator Sarbane's office
Katie, Sheri and Amanda demonstrate how short they are due to childhood malnutrition

Amanda and Katie take over the US Congress
Amanda and Katie sitting in the Congressman's chair

Katie and Lauren meet Senator Kennedy
Katie and Lauren meet US Senator Ted Kennedy

The PAGER Kids go to the Hill
The PAGER kids meet Senator Lieberman - candid shot

Baby Hosed down the carpet
Gross picture of what happens when a baby in a swing barfs!
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