Note to reviewers: This page is important to understand as you review the site.

The software we used to run our site from 2000-2005 didn't allow us the freedom to restructure our web site. As we offered more news and informaton, the site started to become jumbled. The new site was designed by C-Lutions, Inc. of Leesburg Virginia. This is the same company that designed our old site. Please recommend them to any large company that needs a very sophisticated site.

This new web site is part of a technology upgrade that will make PAGER more efficient so that we can continue running the organzation with no full time staff.

Technology upgrade details (we haven't implemented everything yet):

  • Completely reorganizing our web site to make it more user friendly.
  • Our new discussion board will have more bells and whistles and better search function.
  • Place our longest documents on the web site so visitors can purchase and download them
  • Newsletter will be electronic to save costs.
  • Web site will have a news section the will replace much of the newsletter content. Content is collected directly from news sources, is 90% automated and automatically archived to an easily accessible, searchable area.
  • Setting up a secure, web-based system for assigning volunteers which now requires 10+ hours per week and better reporting of volunteer hours.
  • Place volunteer training materials and completion tests online
  • Setting up a secure, web-based system for volunteers to write fact sheets and web content.
  • Set up a private area for volunteer communication.
  • Improving sustainability by collecting names, addresses, age and e-mails of all site visitors.
  • PAGER does not rent or sell our list, but we can offer to contact our mailing list on behalf of manufacturers
  • Each visitor will receive a welcome packet by e-mail the next day - possibly including ads or coupons for products.
  • Setting up monthly e-mail updates to site visitors. Deliver news with small reminder that we survive on donations.
  • High visibility advertising space with ads delivered to viewers based on the page content. (Sling ads can be the most prominant ads on the page about positioning.)
  • We will be restructuring "membership" to include visitors who register their e-mail.
  • Supporting Members are now defined as anybody who donates to PAGER.
  • Automate web-based membership and donation processing (very time consuming now) including the ability to take monthly, automated donations by credit card.
  • Volunteers will be able to add to our membership list via secure section of the web site. Select volunteers will be able to access and print mailing labels to announce PAGER events in their area.
  • Educational materials to be used at local health fairs can be posted on the web site along with request form to borrow the banners.
  • Better site statistics including discrete visitors, repeat visitors, traffic to various sections, purpose for payments, etc.
  • Re-apply for lapsed internet accreditations such as HON (Health on the Net).
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