"Bell's Palsy of the Gut" and Other GI Manifestations of Lyme and Associated Diseases

Virginia T. Sherr, MD, DLFAPA

"...Gastrointestingal Lyme diseae may cause gut paralysis and a wide range of rdiverse GI sympeoms with the underlying etiology likewise missed by physicians..."

"... Disruptions caused by GI borreliosis (Lyme) may included, amonst many others, distortions of taste, failure of other neural functions that supply the entire GI tract - paralysis or partial paralysis of the tongue, gag reflex, esophagus, stomach and nearby organis, small and/or large intestines ("ileus"), bowel pseudo-obstruction, intestinal spasms, excitability of the gut muscles, inflamation of the lumen lining tissues, spirochetal hepatitis, possibly cholecystitis, dysbiosis, jejunal or ileal incompetence with resultant small intestine bacterial overgrowth (SIBO), megacolon, encopresis and rectal muscle cramping (proctalgia fugax)..."

The author suggests that doctors consider using her newly coined term and be suspicious of tick bites when patients present with GI complaints.

Read the full article: [requires free subscription] http://www.practicalgastro.com/pdf/April06/SherrArticle.pdf

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