When people as me why I started this organization, I explain that I had a choice between sitting home and crying from the stress or finding a way to turn this sour situation into lemonade.

PAGER Association gives Lemonade Awards (TM) to people who have taken a sour situation in their personal life and turned it into something positive that benefits them and others in going through the same thing.

In 2001 we held the first Lemonade Award (TM) Ceremony with hostess Jacqueline Orton. Jacqueline is the mother of two boys with acid reflux and is married to Former US Congressman Bill Orton of Utah. Bill is a former PAGER board member. The event was co-hosted by Mrs. Clay Shaw (Emilie), Mrs. John Breaux (Lois) and Mrs. John Tanner (Betty Ann) and was held in the very elegant Lyndon Baines Johnson room of the United States Capitol Building.

Beth Anderson presenting / Dr. Leah Brasch meets Congressman Steve Horn

Mrs. Dan Miller, Mrs. Steve Horn, Mrs. Martin Sabo with Award and grandbaby

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