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When Reflux Doesn't Get Better: Back to the drawing board! Scope #2!

As much as I hate to type these words, it is officially back to the drawing board for our little Ella and her wicked acid reflux disease. After dealing with stomach pain, swallowing issues and a cough that has lasted over 7 months we felt that she needed to be re-evaluated by her pediatric gastroenterologist.

What was determined at the appointment was that it is time for a repeat EGD to see exactly what is going on in our little one's little body. As I have mentioned before, I am not into testing just for the sake of testing but believe there are definitely times that testing is warranted. Unfortunately this is one of those times.

The new recommendations and warnings on PPI medications also played a role in this decision. Ella has been on these medications for 3 years and was on an H2 blocker prior to switching to a PPI. That is a long time on acid controlling medications.

Ella's last scope showed that she definitely needed the medicines; she had esophagitis on PPI's. Now she is having symptoms again (on medicines and carefully controlled diet) so the doctor felt it was time to make sure the symptoms are coming from acid reflux disease and not something else that needs to be treated differently.

I also found it reassuring to note that they are also checking her kidney and liver function as well as screening her for anemia. They are taking great pains to make sure that the long term use of these medicines has not affected her health in other ways up to this point.

For those of you dealing with long term issues with acid reflux disease it can be a tough road. Especially if you are the caregiver to a child with the disease. (Wouldn't we all prefer to take on the pain for our children instead of watching them hurt?). It can be a lot of analyzing the risk vs. benefit in these little ones.

You are not alone. We are dealing with the same things and you have come to the right place. HealthCentral has massive amounts of information and support.

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