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The Return of the Burn! What to do When Acid Comes Back

I feel much like belting out the lyrics to Brittany Spears' song, "oops I did it again". Yes, I am officially back on medications for my acid reflux. I can't really pinpoint any one reason for this but I imagine it to be a combination of several factors.

I have done several rounds of antibiotics including iv antibiotics during a recent surgery and Cipro to treat a common post surgical infection. It has been a stressful year for other reasons and stress plus the "stress eating" may have helped my acid reflux right along too. Any one of these factors could have played a role in the return of the burn.

Recently I have been reading that many now believe acid reflux to be a lifelong disease that ebbs and flows. Much like other illnesses it may have its periods of active disease and periods in which the disease seems to be in "remission". I certainly believe that once you have dealt with an acid reflux episode you are more likely to require treatment for it again in the future. Especially if you are not careful in managing the triggers.

A few parents have contacted me through my work with PAGER and mentioned this same issue. Their former "acid reflux baby" is now an "acid reflux child" after having years with no symptoms. It certainly doesn't happen every time but it does suggest that the predisposition to future episodes might be present.

You may be wondering exactly what that means for those of us dealing with acid reflux. For me it means that during the periods that my reflux is "in remission" I need to be more vigilant in maintaining healthy habits and limiting reflux triggers. I tend to start downing the coffee and soda as soon as my stomach can tolerate it. Looking at acid reflux as something that needs to be managed, even when you are not taking medicines, can prevent future flares.


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